Crochet Christmas Candle Pattern

Free Crochet Christmas Candle Pattern: Holiday Crafts

Hi everyone! We’ve made it to Day Six of our Twelve Days of Christmas Crochet countdown. Yesterday, we made a mistletoe and holly berry applique, and we’ll be using it to decorate today’s make, a festive holiday candle! This would look perfect on the tree as an ornament or set on the windowsill as a …

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Christmas Tree Crochet Pattern

Free Christmas Tree Crochet Pattern: Holiday Crafting!

Hello everyone! Welcome to Day Eight of our Twelve Days of Christmas Crochet countdown! If you haven’t been following along, we’ve already completed four holiday makes – be sure to check them out. Today’s pattern is a mini holiday tree… Materials Required Today’s pattern is an amigurumi pattern, which means you’ll be working in a …

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crochet fruit potholders

Crochet Fruit Potholders – Delightful and Easy-To-Follow

As I turn my thoughts towards longer days, warmer temperatures, and flowers, this “Lay Flat” adorable fruit crochet potholder caught my eye! Since spring signals a fresh start, too, it’s only fitting to refresh this crochet pattern that we originally shared a few years back. By changing up the colors for each row, you can …

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Guide to Crochet Hooks for the Beginner

Our Guide to Crochet Hooks for the Beginner (+ Other Tips)

It is easy and affordable to learn how to crochet – all you need is yarn, a crochet hook, and some instructions on how to get started (like how to chain, single crochet, etc.)! That said, there are many different types of crochet hooks, and it can be confusing for the beginner crocheter to figure …

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How To Crochet a Doily

How To Crochet a Doily – A History, and Instructions

Although many of the doilies that you see in stores today are made from paper or machine lace, there are still people who crochet doilies by hand. Crocheted doilies were especially popular in the early days of crochet. They were a common home decor item featured on tables all throughout the house. People still use …

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how to crochet bobble stitch

How To Crochet Bobble Stitch – A Fun, Easy-to-Follow Guide

What Is Bobble Stitch? Bobble stitch is a fantastically textured stitch that is fairly accessible to beginning crocheters, as it is constructed using chain, single crochet, and double crochet stitches. It creates little “bobbles” or clusters of crocheted fabric that can be alternated to create a pattern or textured design. The bobble crochet stitch is …

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how to crochet shell stitch

How To Crochet Shell Stitch – Our Step-by-Step Guide

Shell stitch is a simple and wonderfully versatile stitch that is a perfect way to add texture and a bit of intricacy to an otherwise solid block of crochet! It’s the ideal stitch for fabrics when you want them to have a little drape – the pattern creates gaps in your work, so it is …

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