5 Must-Have Crochet Items for Campers

Stitchy S’Mores Crochet Pattern by Alicia Kachmar via Crochet Today

I am planning a camping trip with my siblings for my birthday this year and as I do so I can’t help but think that there are certain things that I need that could be totally fun in crochet. Here are my top five must-have crochet items for campers.

1. Crochet Tent

crochet tent

Timothy J. Karpinski created this crochet tent as an art piece. Via decor8.

A crochet tent might not be the most practical thing in the world but if it were properly lined and you were camping in a place that it was unlikely to rain anyway then it could work, right? And it’s just such a cool idea!

2. Campfire Crochet Blanket

log cabin crochet blanket

Perhaps more practical than a crochet tent would be a really great crochet blanket that you could curl up in as you sit by a fire roasting a hot dog or melting the marshmallows for your S’mores. I picked the Red Heart Yarn Log Cabin Crochet Blanket because it just feels kind of Woodsy to me.

3. Crochet Water Bottle Cozy

crochet water bottle

You have to make sure to take enough water with you when you hit the Great Outdoors! This one’s from Etsy’s susanneedlehands.

4. Crochet Sleeping Bag

crochet sleeping bag

I actually had a hard time finding a pattern or photo for a crochet sleeping bag. This one is from Crochet Today. Most of what I could find were actually the plarn mats for the homeless (which are certainly great but aren’t really relevant here). Do you know of a crochet sleeping bag pattern?

5. Crochet Backpack

crochet hiking backpack

Store some snacks and your camera in a large crochet backpack. This one is from CrimsonCloverproduct.

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4 thoughts on “5 Must-Have Crochet Items for Campers”

  1. Ah, you’re missing a really good one, suggested to me by my rock climbing, camping, hiking hubby… But I can’t tell you what it is until I publish it. ;)
    But I’ve also been wanting to try making a little campfire set. That one’s REALLY cute!

  2. I also used to make waterbottle cozies all the time. I think everyone got one one Christmas. They are cute, bun and useful! I even made them out of Nylon cord for my hubby and his climbing friends which they hooked to their climbing harnesses with caribeeners.


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