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I am a little in love with the crochet book Woodland Wildlife in Filet Crochet by Lisa Meadows. This booklet shows you how to make filet crochet pillows using graphs featuring woodland creatures. The designs are worked in black, putting a really contemporary twist on the classic lace of the filet technique. Some of the designs remind me a little of crochet taxidermy, and I can see these pillows looking cute everywhere from a den to a nursery.

How to Filet Crochet

This crochet book offers a short introduction to filet crochet. If you have never tried the technique before then you may find that the instructions are a little bit vague, although if you’re a determined crafter then you could figure out how to filet crochet from the introduction in this book. If you need a little bit more help, try the ultimate guide to filet crochet that I have written for Red Heart Yarns. The filet crochet charts in Woodland Wildlife have instructions for crocheting a block over a block, a block over a space, a space over a block and a space over a space; it can be helpful to refer back to those instructions at the beginning of the book if you’re getting at all lost in the work.

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How to Crochet a Pillow

All of the filet crochet patterns in this book are for pillow designs, so the book comes with a detailed crochet pattern for the pillow square. Each pillow is designed to be worked with 350 yards of lace weight yarn to create 14″ square pillow. There is information for a gauge swatch before the basic directions, which will be the same for every pillow although the chart you’ll use for each is obviously different. The filet crochet square is intended to be the front of the pillow and you use fabric underneath it as well as for the back of the pillow. At the end of the book there are tips for washing and blocking the working, working with thread crochet and getting straight edges in filet crochet.

9 Woodland Creature Patterns

Following the basic instructions for the crochet pattern are the charts that you will use to create the designs. There are nine different charts in this book: a bear, a rabbit with plants on either side of it, a deer head, a full body elk, a fox, a hummingbird drinking from a flower, two finches in a tree, an owl on a branch, and a squirrel. Each chart has its own page and takes up most of the page so that you can really see what you’re doing as you work it. The page also includes a small photo of the finished filet crochet design and a reminder to work right side rows from right to left and wrong side rows from left to right.

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Other Ways To Use These Charts

What is great about filet crochet is that the same chart can be used to make so many different things. You could use a bulky weight yarn and replicate the chart to create a big bread spread using any of the designs. Or you could use worsted weight yarn to create all nine of the animals and stitch them together 3 x 3 to make a motif-based woodland creature blanket. You could use sock yarn and create a colorful version of any of the animals to frame and hang on the wall. You could delete the sides of any square image to make a narrower design and use thread to create a bookmark. Cotton yarn would turn any of these designs into a fun set of washcloths. Get creative with how you use the designs and you could get far more bang for your buck with this great little crochet book.


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