crochet poufs and pillows

Poufs and Pillows is a Leisure Arts crochet book by designer Ashley Leither. It includes crochet patterns for four matching sets of pillows and poufs.

Matching Home Decor Sets

Each of the patterns includes a design for a pillow along with a design for a pouf / ottoman. Each could be made individually, of course, if you only want a pillow or only want a pouf. Or you could mix and match the designs, creating four different pillows and one of the poufs, for example. Here are the four sets:

Chunky Crochet Home Decor

Each of the eight crochet patterns in this book calls for super bulky or jumbo weight yarn. It is right on trend with the chunky home decor that is popular right now. And even when it’s not trending, bulky crochet is always a terrific cozy choice for the home. It’s definitely great for pillows and poufs that you want to sit and lounge on since the heavy yarn creates a plush, comfortable cushion.

Similarities and Differences in Patterns

Three of the crochet pillows in this book are designed to be 18″ square. The African flower crochet pillow is larger at ~ 25″ across. Two of the pillows are motif based and the other two are worked in rows. The poufs vary a lot in size, from a floor pillow that is 2′ and 4′ in size and about half a foot tall to the African flower pouf that is 89″ around. Two of the poufs are round and one is square.

The triangle flower pillows are worked basically using only single crochet stitches. The African flower set uses double crochet stitches and incorporates the little-used “long single crochet”. The post stitch set naturally uses front and back post double crochet and also uses foundation double crochet for starting the project. Similarly, the columns set also uses foundation double crochet and post stitches. All of these are fairly basic stitches that beginners or advanced beginners could tackle.



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