There are so many cute themed crochet books out there. It’s nice to have at least one in your craft library for each item that you really love to make. Cup cozies are a great project to have patterns on hand for because you can make them with scrap yarn, they work up super quickly and they can be great last-minute gifts or party decor. Plus they are just so cute and fun – as we can see in this collection of crochet cup cozies by Michele Wilcox.

elephant crochet cup cozy

There are one dozen crochet cup cozy patterns in this book. Several of them have adorable animal themes – elephant, giraffe, cat, fox. There are also other motifs – the American flag, spring flowers. And still others are simpler designs that showcase the best stitches in crochet including chevrons and lace work. There are cup cozies to suit different seasons, holidays, and party themes as well as ones that will be suitable for any occasion all year long. Several of the cozies get their design features from appliqués, which of course you could leave off entirely for a very simple design.

buttoned crochet cup cozy

These crochet cup cozies are all worked differently so that you can practice different techniques as you work your way through the patterns in the book. For example, you’ll find different closures including ones that close with buttons, ones that slip right on and ones that lace up with corset-style ties. You will have a great working knowledge of the different ways to crochet cup cozies after making several of those in this book.

These are all projects that use medium weight yarn. They use either G or H crochet hooks, although of course you may adapt to suit the gauge of any given project. These crochet projects are small projects that rarely use as much yardage as a full skein of yarn. That makes all of these crochet projects great for stash busting. Adapting your colors, you could easily use whatever yarn you already have left from other projects to create any of these crochet cup cozies.

american flag crochet cup cozy

These are all easy crochet projects. Instructions for the basic stitches are provided in the back of the booklet. The only other stitches used in these projects are treble crochet and single crochet two together (sc2tog). Anyone who wants to try to make crochet cup cozies should find sufficient information – and inspiration – in this book!

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