I am thrilled to announce a Christmas week discount on the Kindle version of my new crochet for creativity book, Hook to Heal. Hook to Heal is a book of 100 creativity exercises to help you use the craft to expand your inner and outer worlds and improve your quality of life.


hook to heal cover

Hook to Heal is regularly priced at $9.99. Here’s the way that the sale works. The book goes on sale today (12/22) at 8am (PST) at the low, low price of 99 cents! This is 91% off of the title of the book.

Get the book here

But hurry, because the price goes up steadily until the sale ends on Christmas Day. Here’s the pricing schedule:

  • 12/22 8 am PST 99 cents
  • 12/23 3 am PST $1.99
  • 12/23 10 pm PST $2.99
  • 12/24 5 pm PST $3.99
  • 12/25 12 pm PST $4.99

The price returns to the original rate on 12/26 at 8 am PST.

Note that only the Kindle copy is on sale. The paperback copy is currently full price although I intend to offer a sale at some point in 2016.



crochet heals

Since it’s the end of the year, I’m also rounding up all of my articles from the whole year, so here’s the selection of crochet health articles published in 2015.

And of course all of the Mandalas for Marinke daily posts are raising awareness about depression through crochet.


San Francisco based and crochet-obsessed writer, dreamer and creative spirit!


  1. linda hacker Reply

    your offer is not available on Amazon. they list the Kindle price at $9.95

    • Kathryn Reply

      Yes, as stated in the post, the deal goes love at 8am PST, so it will be available in about fifteen minutes.

  2. Thank you very, very much for offering this sale. I really wanted to start reading your book but times are VERY tight for me financially these days. Even the $10 Kindle price was going to be really hard to swing for a while. BUT I can always find an extra dollar somewhere. So, thank you. I truley appreciate it. Can’t wait to jump into the healing process. <3

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