Yesterday I shared my YoolaDesign crochet wire lampshade. It reminded me that back in 2012 I did a roundup of crochet lamps and I’ve been meaning to do a fresh roundup all year long. Well, that roundup is here. You’ll find crochet lamp patterns, tutorials and inspirational photos here to inspire your own crafting!

Crochet Lamp Tutorials

crochet lampshade tutorial

crochet lampshade tutorial from Ann Reillet; this is a tutorial for a thread crochet lampshade that has a great romantic appeal.

crochet lampshade

crochet lampshade

Here are two crochet lamp tutorials from Cats Rockin starting with the white one; here’s the tutorial for the green one. Together, these two simple crochet tutorials will give you a solid basic understanding of how to crochet your own lampshade.

granny lampshade

Granny square crochet lamp pattern from the book Modern Granny Crochet, one of my favorite patterns in this book.

crochet lampshade

Crochet lamp photo tutorial from Lazy Daisy Jones using chunky colored yarn and a wire frame lampshade

crochet lamp

IKEA button flower crochet lamp tutorial from According to Matt. It’s colorful, it’s modern, it’s simple and it’s perfect for so many rooms in the home!

crochet flower fairy light pattern

Amigurumi flower fairy light garland crochet pattern by Stephanie Davies of A Bag Full Of Crochet. What a cute little sparkling crochet lighting option!

upcycled sweater lamp

Not quite crochet but here’s an upcycled sweater lamp tutorial! I love all of the things that you can do with used sweaters to make them into cozy home decor and this is a great example!

More Crochet Lamps

crochet art lamp

Crochet art lamp by Nathalie Doolard. She does beautiful work with this type of lighting that combines function and beauty in one art piece.

jysoulikmamma_brilliantmommy crochet lamp

Cute striped crochet lamp from jysoulikmamma_brilliantmommy. This is the kind of project that any of us could tackle to make a crochet light.

hyperbolic crochet art lampshade

Hyperbolic crochet art lamp by Gabriele Meyer. Wow. Wow. She has other great examples of this beautiful work as well. I love everything that she creates. These are statement pieces for crochet in the home!

crochet lampshade

Urban Outfitters crochet lamp, a great basic crochet lamp that you could use as inspiration for creating your own crochet pendant lighting.

crochet lamp

Crochet lampshade made by (un)Deniably Domestic – what a great way to add color to a room and also to upcycle an existing lampshade. You can often find lampshades at thrift stores and yard sales so this could be a good budget project.

crochet lamp

Lovely little crochet lamp from Chez Facile Cecile. I love the way that pineapple crochet was used here in a fabulous mustard color to give soft lighting to the space and intriguing design to the shade!

crochet lampshades

IKEA crochet lampshades from IDA Lifestyle. She sells these in her Etsy store and they are great examples of simple, colorful crochet that works well in the contemporary home.

crochet led lights

Crochet LED lights by artist Joana Vasconcelos

crochet lamps

Naomi Paul crochet lighting – a modern twist on crochet lighting that incorporates the subtle two-tone pop of color with fabulous eye-catching shaping to give you a centerpiece for your home.

And A Little More


Just a few bonus shares. Not lamps per se but in the same vein.

light up crochet doll

3m tall light up crochet doll by Tina Fox

crochet lightbulbs

Crochet lightbulb patterns from ReveDreams

crochet lightbulb

Crochet art lightbulb by Bill Davenport

crochet tealight pattern

Wire crochet tealight holder free pattern from @petalstopicots

yarn candle

Twisted Light Yarn Candle

littlefoxcrochet crochet garland lights

Garland of crochet Christmas lights by littlefoxcrochet


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