Candy corn. It’s that too-sweet treat that’s hard to stop eating even when it stings your teeth a little bit. Even if you don’t eat it, you see it everywhere during the Halloween season, and you can’t help but notice its sticky, yummy goodness because of the bright pops of color it exudes. That’s why candy corn is great inspiration for crochet. In this post you’ll find twenty photos of candy corn crochet to inspire your autumn crafting.

Seeking patterns instead? Here are ten FREE candy corn crochet patterns.

Candy Corn Crochet Inspiration

Candy corn pillow by Oliviartcreations

Candy corn crochet art pillow by Oliviartcreations

crochet art doll

Crochet art doll with candy corn purse from EandSSisterShoppe; see more unique crochet art dolls!

valerieburns crochet candy corn

Crochet candy corn from @valerieburns

candy corn crochet costume

Candy corn crochet baby costume by ThatsSimplyAdorable

candy corn crochet cowboy boots

Candy corn crochet baby boots via 10 baby candy corn accessories, originally by Di’s Lil Treasures

alien candy corn crocnet

Alien candy corn crochet creature from Etsy’s NerdigurumiAndMore

candy corn crochet rat

Candy corn crochet rat by CrochetingPixie

candy corn crochet blanket

Candy corn crochet blanket by GodSewLoved

candy corn crochet fall wreath

Candy corn crochet autumn wreath by Navy Wifey Peters

crochet baby costume

Candy corn polka dot mixed media crochet baby dress

halloween crochet ornaments

Halloween crochet ornaments by MagnoliaSurprise

bowl of crochet candy corn

Hootnnannywhimsandprim sells this bowl of crochet candy corn on Etsy

basket of crochet candy corn

Basket of crochet candy corn from @ililxkitty

candy corn boo crochet bunting

Candy Corn “Boo” Crochet Bunting from DoilyDesigns on Etsy

crochet candy corn bunting

Candy corn crochet bunting by @ltblogged

candy corn crochet festival skirt

Candy corn crochet festival skirt by UnicornCrochet

candy corn chevron crochet blanket

Candy corn chevron crochet blanket by NaomisJoy; see more chevron crochet inspiration!

crochet wire autumn bracelet

Wire crochet bracelet with candy corn glass charms by DragonsWire

candy corn crocnet corset top

Candy corn crochet corset top

candy corn crocnet hook

Candy corn crochet hook from The Clay Bean Co.

Related Crochet Patterns and Inspiration

crochet candy art

Real candy crocheted by Clemence Joly


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