It’s been a long time since I did a roundup for my “100 unique” series, where I showcase 100 crochet items in the same category to highlight the vast creative potential that this craft has to offer. In the past we’ve looked at 500 unique crochet items – 100 each of hats, scarves, shawls, skirts and shirts/ sweaters. Today we’ll finally add to that collection with a look at 100 unique crochet dresses!

Beautiful Freeform Crochet Dresses

aldo lanzini crochet dress

Crochet art dress by Aldo Lanzini

openwork crochet fashion dress


Indra Dovydėnaitė freeform crochet dress

Indra Dovydėnaitė

gingerbreadbunny freeform crochet and felt art piece

Freeform dress crocheted by gingerbreadbunny

tapestry crochet dress

Astra’s Dress by Dina Knapp, 1970s crochet

crochet art olek


Crochet Dress featured in Crochet Insider

Crochet dress by Xenobia Bailey

floral freeform crochet dress

Floral freeform crochet dress by Unjung Yun

floral crochet dress

wildflower dress by Vamesu Rodica via Prudence Mapstone on Pinterest

purple freeform crochet dress

Freeform crochet summer dress by Wearable Art by RIMMA

Designer Crochet Dresses

rodarte freeform crochet dress

Rodarte Autumn / Winter 2014 mixed media crochet dress

siamese dreaming crochet dress by celiab

Celia B has a number of interesting crochet dresses in her collections!

sister by sibling black crochet dress

Knit and crochet dresses from Sibling

Katie Jones Knit and Crochet

oscar de la renta designer crochet dress

Oscar de la Renta

designer crochet 6

Proenza Schouler

designer crochet kenzo

Kenzo Spring Summer 2009

john rocha crochet fashion detail

John Rocha

crochet dress

Helen Rodel

thom browne crochet dress

Thom Browne

Crochet Mini Dresses

84-Year-Old Crochet Designer Mady Gerard

Retro crochet mini dress by Mady Gerrard

little debbie crochet dress

Free people crochet mini dress

purple dress free crochet pattern

Free crochet dress pattern from crochet_stuff

charlotte ronson crochet sweater dress

Charlotte Ronson crochet dress

Ryder crochet sweater dress

Ryder crochet sweater dress

coachella cream crochet dress

Mini dress at Coachella

crochet mini dress

Cleobella crochet mini dress

designer crochet dress

Natargeorgiou crochet dress

crochet dress pattern

NyanPon simple crochet dress pattern

crochet dress

Topshop colorful crochet dresses

Crochet Maxi Dresses

blind designer crochet

This crochet dress was made by blind crocheter Stephanie Dunn

celebrity crochet

Russian model Irina Shayk in crochet dress

awesomecrochet crochet dress

Crochet dress by awesomecrochet on Instagram

crochet maxi dress

Crochet maxi dress from Ecote via Outstanding Crochet who always finds the best crochet fashion!

crochet drag queen dress

Crochet evening dress by Debbie Elkes

rachel decker crochet dress

Crochet mixed/media dress by Rachel Decker

mcqueen crochet dress

Crochet dress by McQueen

1970s crochet dress mccalls

1971 crochet maxi dress

crochet dress

Long crochet dress by Xenobia Bailey

gaultier crochet dress

Gaultier crochet dress

Vintage Crochet Dresses

84-Year-Old Crochet Designer Mady Gerard

1970s crochet mini dress by Mady Gerrard

1939 crochet wedding dress pattern

1939 crochet wedding dress

1970s crochet dresses

1975 crochet dresses

1930s crochet dress pattern

1930s crochet dress pattern

courreges crochet

Vintage 1960’s crochet-top white dress from fashion designer Courreges

1960s crochet

1965 crochet dress

1970s crochet dress

Vintage crochet dress pattern

vintage 1950s crochet dress pattern

Vintage 1950s crochet dress pattern sold on Etsy by Brea Productions

retro crochet dress

1960s retro crochet dress pattern

1934 crochet dress pattern

1934 crochet dress pattern

Kids’ Crochet Dresses

all_about_clare crochet dress

Crochet dress by all_about_clare

crochet dress patternCrochet dress pattern for sale from Mon Petit Violon

crochet dress pattern

Crochet dress by Alla Koval in Imagical Seasons

crocodile stitch crochet dress pattern

Crocodile stitch crochet kids’ dress pattern from Bonita Patterns

crochet tutu dress

Tutu dress crochet pattern for sale from CrochetDreamz, sizes newborn to ten years

red white blue crochet baby dress pattern

Red, white and blue crochet baby dress pattern for sale from paintcrochet on Etsy

crochetzoneblog crochet dress free pattern

Crochet dress pattern from Crochet Zone Blog

crochet dress pattern

Free crochet girl’s dress pattern from Annoo’s Crochet World

crochet baby dress pattern

Pink crochet baby dress pattern for sale from The Lazy Hobbyhopper

crochet dress free pattern

Holland Designs baby crochet pineapple dress

Niche Crochet Technique Dresses

hairpin lace crochet midi dress

Hairpin lace crochet dress by ASOS

tunisian crochet dress

Tunisian crochet dress by Maria Hera

irish crochet

Irish lace crochet dress sold on Etsy by romanticroseslace

hairpin lace crochet dress

Hairpin lace crochet dress pattern by Stitch Diva

crochet dress pattern tunisian and broomstick

Free crochet dress pattern incorporating both Tunisian crochet and broomstick lace

tunisian crochet dress pattern

Tunisian crochet dress pattern by Patrick Hassel-Zein

broomstick lace crochet dress

Broomstick lace crochet dress

plaid crochet dress robyn chachula

Plaid crochet dress by Robyn Chachula in Blueprint Crochet Sweaters


Ruffled crochet dress pattern by Ira Rott

crochet column dress

Crochet column dress, which incorporate Surface Crochet, in Vogue Knitting 2013

Crochet Wedding Dresses

crochet wedding dress

Tania Jennings made this crochet wedding dress herself

crochet wedding dress

Another crocheter makes her own wedding dress

raquel welch crochet wedding dress

Raquel Welch in a crochet mini dress worn for her second wedding to Patrick Curtis 1967

crochet wedding dress

Crochet wedding dress pattern by marifu6a

doily wedding dress

This crochet doily wedding dress was previously sold on Etsy by SacredDaisy

filet crochet wedding dress

This crochet wedding dress was previously sold on Etsy by LaCostureraShop

crochet wedding dress pattern

The Chrysanthemum Gown is a crochet wedding dress pattern for sale from Chi Krneta

crochet wedding dress

This crochet wedding dress was in the May 2012 issue of Inside Crochet

crochet wedding dress and stole

Crochet wedding dress and matching stole by Patons UK

crochet wedding dress pattern

Crochet wedding dress pattern from Crochet by Mel

Granny Square Crochet Dresses

crochet granny dress fashion


fair trade crochet dress

First Born, a fair trade handcrafted knit/crochet clothing business in Australia

house of holland crochet

House of Holland crochet dresses


Christopher Kane

crochet leather dress

Leather and crochet patchwork dress by Miss Selfridge

granny square baby dress

Wildaboutcolor’s granny topped crochet baby dress pattern

granny square kids dress

Kay’s Crochet Patterns on Etsy sold this vintage granny dress pattern

granny square crochet dress

Go-Go Granny Crochet Dress

granny square crochet dress pattern

Granny Square Crochet Dress by Yoko Hatta

blue granny square crochet dress

Big Granny Square Dress by Sandi Prosser

And The Most Unique Crochet Dresses!

sandra backlund crochet

Sandra Backlund

crochet hamburger dress

Crochet hamburger dress by Joy Kampia O’Shell

hello kitty drag queen crochet

Hello Kitty crochet dress by Debbie Elkes

crochet paper dress

This dress was made by artist Robyne Melia, found on @Craft. It’s greeting cards seamed together with crochet. See more paper+crochet ideas.

traditional crochet dresses

These dresses were part of an art exhibition celebration the traditional crochet and craft of the Ranui-based collective Fafine Niutao i Aotearoa, a group of 45 women from Niutao Island in Tavalu.

rohn strong crochet dress

Crochet dress by Rohn Strong

crochet art dress

Kathleen Holmes crochet and ceramic art dress, in The Fine Art of Crochet

london laye crochet mondrian dress yarnbomb

Yarnbombed dress by London Kaye

tracymaybe crochet doll dress

Crochet doll dress by tracymaybe on Instagram


San Francisco based and crochet-obsessed writer, dreamer and creative spirit!

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