It has been awhile since I’ve perused crochet on Etsy. Pinterest and Instagram have taken over my eye-candy-virtual-window-shopping crochet addiction.

stunning floral crochet coat

But I do love the unique finds that Etsy offers and I thought I’d pop over there and take a peek at things I hadn’t seen, yet.

retro floral crochet dress

That’s how I discovered Tanya, a knit and crochet designer who creates beautiful fashion sold in the shop called RuchkiKruchkI.

spring floral crochet dress

Her OOAK garments are lacy, feminine, bohemian-inspired garments rich in florals and soft-bright colors.

crochet ruffles

I adore the incorporating of ruffled fabric woven into the crochet lace to create a blossomy texture.

granny square crochet

Occasionally she’ll work with a more graphic print, like the classic granny square, reinvented and shaped perfectly to still exude feminine charm.

crochet lace roses jacket

Many of the items made by this designer are intended for special occasions such as weddings. However, they can also be styled down to work as beautiful everyday wear.

crochet roses lace coat

Although most of the designs are for women, Tanya does make OOAK crochet garments for kids as well.

floral crochet lace dress

Tanya frequently works with natural wool. However, she also enjoys a number of other fibers including silk, cotton, cashmere and camel.

ruffled crochet lace dress

Her designs appear almost timeless to me. They are inspired by bohemian 60’s / 70’s cuts and colors but I can see influences from the 1920s and the 1950s and the designs are somehow also very contemporary.

crochet lace dress black and white crochet lace dress


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