I adore math-related crochet. I love colorful, visually stunning crochet that embraces unique shapes. How could I not love the following examples of crochet fractals, especially the rainbow ones although they’re all beautiful?!

1. Cristina Vasconcellos

crochet rainbow fractal

Beautiful rainbow crochet fractal by color-rich artist Cristina Vasconcellos

2. Fractal Doily Pattern

fractal crochet pattern

This crochet fractal doily pattern is available for sale through Ravelry by Foxberryjam

3. Crochet Fractals in the Round

crochet fractal in the round

Crochet in the Round, fractal inspiration, via NancitaMade

4. Another Rainbow Fractal

crochet rainbow fractal art

This one is also from Cristina Vasconcellos who crocheted the first rainbow fractal shown above.

5. Fractal Flame Crochet

fractal flames crochet

Fractal Flame Crochet by Cory Ench via Fractal World Gallery

6. Crochet Fractal Table

crochet table

This awesome crochet laptop table is by Nicole Tamazi, from her fractal series which she created after studying fratal geometry. Super cool.

7. Fractal Doily in Pastel

colorful fractal doily

This is a version of the fractal doily by Artfire’s SpinningAYarn that is done in an interesting pastel variegated yarn.

8. Cloud Crochet

crochet clouds

The cloud crochet work by Ciro Najle considered the fractals in the formation of clouds.

9. Fractal Accented Crochet Bag

fractal crochet evening bag

Fractal Accented crochet purse via Flickr’s amkb

10. H-Fractals

crochet math blanket

Associate Math Professor Kyle Calderhead who explains: “This piece is a crocheted blanket with an H-fractal pattern, using an interlocking mesh technique.”

Have you ever crocheted fractals? Will you now?!


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  1. jayalmonte Reply

    LOVE THIS POST! Very cool these fractals! Have you ever made one?

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      jayalmonte I’ve never crocheted a fractal myself but I feel so inspired to try after creating this roundup!

  2. jackybaby1999 Reply

    I saw that pastel fractal flame crochet and almost passed out. I have so got to do this.

    • Kathryn Reply

      That one is just an art piece so to my knowledge there isn’t a pattern for it.

  3. Joyce Van Houtte Reply

    On the fractal design when you turn your project-increases- do you pick up two threads for you double crochet or just one. I notice that there is a ridge and I am picking up two threads. Is this right?

    • Kathryn Reply

      I haven’t actually worked any of these crochet fractal patterns myself yet. My assumption would be that you pick up two threads (since it doesn’t say back loop or front loop only).

  4. Alejandra amador Reply

    Me gustaría obtener el patrón guía del arco iris fractal

  5. styleacraft Reply


  6. Ada Polyak Reply

    I just got the pattern for the fractal doily and am wondering if the people that did each vane in a different color did them separately or changed colors at each different one? hope that made sense

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