Today’s crochet quote comes from a post last week on Craft Gossip that was about the different skill levels that are listed on crochet patterns. It’s a smart post.

“I have friends with varying attitudes about skill levels. The one thing they all agree on is that if a project is appealing enough, they’ll learn the skills needed to make it. That attitude propels them forward, opening up new vistas in crochet, allowing them to attempt and master most crochet stitches and techniques without much fear. And, fear, after all is what prevents most of us from moving forward with our skills.”

What crochet skill are you a little afraid to try?


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  1. This is a great quote and very try. I new to crochet but I am the same way if I see something that is totally amazing I am gonna finger out out to do the pattern or come up with my own innovative way to create something similar. I see myself as afraid as much as dismissive when it comes to certain patterns. I see an amazing fitted coat or large project and say man that would take me too long but I am finding what keeps pulling me through is the process of building myself up to those larger projects. I might be creating hats and scarve now but I know I will be rocking out pea-coats soon enough..can not wait

    • Kathryn Reply

      @Adrienne … Thanks so much for sharing. It’s definitely true that you’ll be doing those big projects before you know it!

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