Yarnbombing is an art form that is surprisingly controversial among people who crochet. Maybe it’s not so surprising since it’s a form of art based on graffiti, another controversial art form. Nevertheless it surprised me to find out recently how many people who crochet are opposed to this art form that I am quite a fan of (which I learned from reading the comments on several other blogs recently including a great pros/cons article at Ambassador Crochet). And because of that I wanted to do a review of the book that provided me with the most information about the topic: Yarn Bombing: The Art of Crochet and Knit Graffiti

Who This Book Is For

I would argue that anyone who has even a passing interest in street art, knitting or crochet would find this book to be fascinating. You can be completely opposed to yarn bombing and still enjoy looking at the amazing crochet artwork that is featured in the many color photos in the book. I think it gives a great description of what yarn bombing is while providing numerous examples of it. It is really a great book in terms of education about this movement.

What You’ll Find in This Book

The book is rich with many different types of information including:

  • Interviews with yarnbombing crews around the world. These interviews introduce you to a lot of different crochet / knit artists (including those who frequently do their work in galleries and other “legitimate” places).
  • Numerous color photos of many different types of knit and crochet street art.
  • History of graffiti, street art and yarn bombing.
  • Guide to why people do this art, how to do it yourself, some of the legalities and concerns, etc. In other words, a practical guide for how to yarnbomb.
  • Numerous patterns for knit and crochet work that can be used in yarnbombing. From scalloped tags to hanging shoes … these patterns could be easily used by anyone who crochets / knits regardless of whether or not you are interested in doing any yarn bombing. There are also clothing patterns for items you can wear to go out yarn bombing (but they work for regular wearable clothes as well)
  • Many, many resources for additional related information.

It is this wealth of great yarn arts information that I think makes this book really valuable regardless of how you feel about yarn bombing specifically. It really is an impressive book for all that it contains and I highly recommend it for that reason alone!

Crochet Artists Featured in Yarn Bombing

Just a few of the crochet artists that are featured in this book in one way or another include:

Xenobia Bailey

Carol Hummel

Theresa Honeywell

Masquerade. Image via Gamiori.

Ladies Fancywork Society

Micro-Fiber Militia

Pene Durston

The Blog

The authors of the book have a blog also called Yarn Bombing.


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  1. I still love the flowers on the fence! And this is the first time I’ve seen the white “doily” on the tree. I kinda like that one. Thanks for the review. Gives everyone another perspective to consider.


    • Kathryn Reply

      @Kristine … Thanks for dropping by. A few of these designs are definitely pretty regardless of any controversy around the act of yarnbombing!

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