15 Top Travel Destinations for Yarn and Crochet Lovers

crochet travel

Marrakech crochet retreat

Any place is a great place to crochet. But if you’re going to do some traveling and you love yarn and crochet then these destinations are even better than the rest.

1. Los Angeles, California


I love my San Francisco home but Southern California also has a lot to offer the yarn lover. There are yarn stores located all throughout the city. This is definitely a place where you need to have a car so get your rental, enter “yarn store” into your GPS and check out what there is to see. Need more guidance than that? Center your search in the LA Fashion District.

Once you’ve got your yarn, take your crochet project to the beach to enjoy some of that Southern California sun. Get inspiration from the colorful performance artists at Venice Beach, sit on the pier at Santa Monica Beach or go south for a quieter beach crochet session at Redondo or Hermosa Beaches.

Some crafty places you’ll want to visit include the Los Angeles Craft and Folk Art Museum and The Institute for Figuring, which is the new permanent exhibit from the Wertheim Sisters, who are the original creators of the Hyperbolic Crochet Reef Project. And a few times each year you can go check out the crafty inspiration at the Los Angeles Renegade Craft Fair.

2. Austin, TX

crochet cowboy hat

Crochet cowboy hat by Mark Dittrick

This edgy city has embraced both the artistic and social sides of crochet as one of the early hotspots of the yarnbombing movement. Keep your eye out for public displays of crochet art during your stay here!

While in Austin, why not get social? Plan ahead and get a spot in one of the free 3.5 hour Sewcialize Stitch Lounge sessions at The Stitch Lab where you can meet other crafters and work on a project. Or you might want to check out the Knitting and Crochet Meetup Group based in Austin.

Would you rather venture out and explore on your own? There are yarn stores throughout the city but start your search in South Austin for the most options. Although there isn’t a specific craft museum in Austin, some of the museums you might find inspiring here include the Umlauf Sculpture Garden and Museum, the Blanton Museum of Art and the downtown Mexic-Arte Museum (which exhibits the arts and crafts of Mexican and Latino makers).

3. Twin Cities, MN

Unless you want to find yourself knee-deep in snow then the best time of year to visit Minnesota is in the summer. As a crocheter the first place that you’ll want to stop is the inspiring StevenBe yarn store in Minneapolis. There are also more than a dozen other yarn stores in the Twin Cities area so plan to shop during your trip!

The American Craft Council, which is based in Minneapolis, has called the Twin Cities “A Mecca for Craft”. Crocheters who appreciate all of the arts and crafts will want to make this a museum-rich trip, starting with a trip to the Textile Center in Minneapolis, which calls itself “a national center for fiber art”. Other museums to add to the itinerary include the Minnesota Center for Book Arts, the Northern Clay Center, and the Goldstein Museum of Design.

4. Honolulu, HI

crochet swimsuit

Beauty and the Beach crochet swimwear

A beach vacation in Hawaii is probably the ideal vacation for many people. Base your stay in Honolulu and then visit the other islands as time permits. We don’t blame you if all you want to do during your stay is enjoy the beautiful beach weather and crochet away by the ocean or poolside. However, if you want to venture out to some crafty-related things in Hawaii, some of your top choices include The Honolulu Museum of Art, You may also want to check in on the blog of The Fuzz to see if this Oahu-based yarnbombing crew is up to anything during your trip.

5. Vancouver, BC, Canada

Vancouver is a beautiful Canadian city with some of the best weather in the country and summer presents a terrific opportunity to enjoy a trip to this location. There are more than half a dozen Vancouver yarn stores so that will keep you busy.

Some other crafty things to check out in Vancouver include:

6. Cardiff, Wales

national wool museum

Start your trip with a visit to the National Wool Museum. Take a crochet class at Calon Yarns. And meet local crafters through the Creative-Crafts-Cardiff weekly meetup, a group that crafts for local charities for Christmas.

7. Geelong, Australia

There’s another National Wool Museum in Australia. Geelong is a port city in Victoria, a short drive from Melbourne. Locals meet at the Geelong West Neighbourhood House, which has classes as well as a hyperbolic crochet coral reef project.

8. Charlotte, NC

Get inspired by the colors of Charlotte’s beautiful changing autumn leaves. Connect with locals through the Charlotte Crocheters weekly meetup.

9. Coastal Maine

If you want to spend time on the East coast, Theresa of Crochet Today recommends the “yarny delights and cozy New England treasures” of coastal Maine, which was profiled in a Crochet Today article by Meganne Fabrega. She gives us insight into all of the best yarn stores in this area, along with tips for where to eat and shop along the way.

10. ABC Islands

International Business Times recommends Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao as top autumn island destinations in South America that offer warm beaches without hurricanes or tropical storms. Why not crochet on the beach this fall?

11. Buenos Aires, Argentina

crochet art

If you’re in love with yarn (and what crocheter isn’t?!) then you will want to add Buenos Aires to your travel bucket list. That’s because this city actually has a yarn district! That’s right, two full blocks of yarn store upon yarn store where you can wander, meet the local sellers, and purchase amazing yarn, much of which is not available in the United States and Europe. Thanks to the exchange rate, your U.S. money goes a long way so the prices on high quality yarn will seem really low.

Some tips for Argentina crochet travel:

  • Yarn is sold by weight, not by length, which takes a little getting used to. It might be easier to purchase yarn you like and figure out projects for it after the fact, than to figure out the right amount for specific projects that you have in mind.
  • Don’t miss the chance to take in the stunning large-scale crochet art of Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto. You can see one of his net sculptures at the Faena Art Center in the Puerto Madero district, an up-and-coming trendy arts area of the city.
  • Brush up on crochet in Buenos Aires by reading some Spanish language crochet blogs. Not sure how to enjoy foreign language blogs? This guide can help!

Of course, while you’re in Buenos Aires, you’ll also want to see the sights. Check out the Top 10 Things for Creative Travelers to do in Buenos Aires.

12. Sydney, Australia

Head Down Under to enjoy crochet. Sydney is another terrifically inspiring city filled with beautiful sights, amazing people, and plenty of attractions for yarn lovers. Stacey Trock of Fresh Stitches has a terrific guide to yarn shopping in 4 Sydney districts. While you’re in Australia, you have to check out The Great Barrier Reef, a famous natural site that helps make us more aware of environmental issues. What does this have to do with crochet? It’s one of the spots that inspired the aforementioned huge, ongoing Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef project.

13. Marrakech, Morocco

Go somewhere exotic and have a truly unique crochet experience with the twice-yearly crochet retreat in Marrakech, Morocco, a six-day retreat where you stay in a modern boutique hotel in the historic heart of the city, shop for wool in the local souk, see it dyed at a historic dye house, and get the chance to crochet with local women in several stunning places rich in history and culture. It happens in April and October each year.

14. San Francisco, CA


Of course, I’m a little bit biased because this is the home I love but it’s a really great place and it’s got a lot to offer people who love to crochet. San Francisco just might be the only city in the United States where it is far easier to get to an LYS than to find a big box yarn store. There are at least 7 San Francisco yarn stores in or near the city itself and many more in the surrounding Bay Area.

Plus, the city is endlessly inspiring with its beauty, art, culture, and history. Here are a few more things you may want to check out if you take a crochet vacation to San Francisco:

  • Lacis Museum of Lace and Textiles in Berkeley. Learn all about the history of lace at this museum, which has both a permanent collection and changing exhibits.
  • SF Crafting in Public Meetup Group. Meet local crafters! You’re welcome to join this drop-in group for knitters, crocheters, and other crafters if you’re in town on the second or fourth Wednesday of every month.
  • SF Crochets. Check the city’s local CGOA chapter calendar to find out if anything interesting is going on!
  • Maker Faire, Renegade Craft Fair and local craft events.

15. Your Home

Take a staycation! Save some money while enjoying a getaway in your own hometown. Make sure to add lots of relaxing crochet to your itinerary!

The information in these articles has been slightly edited from the original articles published at Crochet Today on crochet travel for spring, summer and autumn. Now I need to start thinking about winter crochet destinations – got any suggestions?