Top 10 Free Crochet Patterns for Barefoot Sandals

Everyone is starting to talk about back to school but as far as I’m concerned it’s still summer (or as much summer as you can get here in the San Francisco Bay Area anyway!) There is still plenty of time to make and wear a great pair of barefoot sandals. And actually, a decorative pair of barefoot sandals can be worn under a pair of flats or heels for a stylish look all year long. Need a pattern? Here are ten great free crochet patterns for beautiful barefoot sandals to get you started:

1. Gleeful Things Goddess Sandals

These are the Goddess Barefoot Sandals from Gleeful Things. Get started with this free crochet pattern and then advance to some of her other great patterns for sale if you want to try more detailed barefoot sandal designs.

2. Beaded Barefoot Sandals

This free crochet pattern by Michele Milligan has beads in the center for some decorative flair.

3. Open Mesh Barefoot Sandals

I like the openwork design on this free crochet pattern from Lion Brand Yarn.

4. Lace Up Barefoot Sandals

These bohemian barefoot sandals from Expression Fiber Arts have a great lace-up design.

5. Floral Barefoot Sandals

You can see how these floral barefoot sandals look really cute when worn with a pair of heels! This free pattern is from Hook in Mouth Crochet.

6. Barefoot with Beads

These barefoot sandals have an open-wide flower design with just a couple of wooden beads for embellishment. The pattern is available from 365 crochet.

7. Triangle Barefoot Sandals

I love the color choices that AB Creations used when making these triangle fan barefoot sandals.

8. Thread Crochet Barefoot Sandals

This free crochet pattern calls for embroidery floss. It’s from Jay’s Boutique Blog.

9. Barefoot Sandals by Mikey

The Crochet Crowd offers this free pattern for barefoot sandals with a pop of color.

10. Super Simple Barefoot Sandals

One of the easiest crochet patterns for barefoot sandals is Kitty’s Barefoot Sandals.

How do you wear your barefoot sandals? At home? To the beach? As decoration under heels?


San Francisco based and crochet-obsessed writer, dreamer and creative spirit!


  1. The Floral Barefoot Sandals would work for someone with only 9 toenails. No, I won’t be sharing that story in my book!

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  5. Oh, thank you for the link! Such beautiful options. Love them all! Chandi

  6. These are all so beautiful! I love both the colors and the designs. I’d like to try a pair of my own 🙂

  7. Michele Milligan Smith

    Thanks for putting my sandals as ur #2 of ur top 10 picks im blown away to know they r good enough to be #2 on ur list

  8. Thank you for posting this! I was able to use the two patterns featured. Linking back to you

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  11. Beautiful creations. Can’t wait to give them a try!

  12. Kathryn,
    I see that this is a dated post but I’m hoping you can answer a couple of questions for me. First, are crochet barefoot sandals able to get wet? I make barefoot sandals / foot jewelry out of several types beads and some of them are sensitive to water so we advise not to get them wet. Second, are the designs that string up the ankle constricting? The Gleeful Things Goddess Sandals design seems that they would be. Your patterns are very nice and I think I may try to make a set.

    • Thanks,

      What the crochet sandals are made from determines whether or not they can get wet. As you said, certain details (and even certain types of yarn) can get damaged in water. In contrast, if you make them with a crochet cotton, or even something innovative like neoprene cord, then there’s no problem with getting them wet.

      In my experience, the sandals are not restricting, but of course everyone has different preferences when it comes to their shoes!

  13. Bec's Beach Feet

    Kathryn, Thank you for answering my questions.

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