Crochet Book Review: Granny Squares Nanny Squares

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This week’s crochet book review is of Granny Squares-Nanny Squares: New Twists for Classic Crochet Crochet Book Review: Granny Squares Nanny Squares

Who this crochet book is for

This book is good for anyone who knows how to read a basic crochet pattern in words (there aren’t pictorial representations or drawings to help you out). It is designed for people who are seeking to add to their library of different squares, with an emphasis on squares that are intended to be put together into afghans. Because some of the information is outdated it is best for someone who is able to adapt a pattern a little bit to suit their needs and therefore I wouldn’t recommend it to beginner crocheters.

Format of this crochet book

The book starts with an introduction that is welcoming and provides a personal story that makes you feel that sense of how crochet connects people through the generations. It explains that the premise of the book is to share some “granny squares” – squares that are more traditional – and some “nanny squares” – more updated versions of squares.

Next we get the standard introductory instructional crochet pages that are common to most crochet pattern books. The drawings add to the instructions and do provide a nice refresher on basic stitches.

Then we get into the meat of the book, which is the patterns. They are divided into five chapters:

  1. Elegant Afghans
  2. Lacy Linens
  3. Glorious Gifts
  4. Christmas Crochet – This is the shortest chapter, with only seven patterns, which makes sense since it’s a seasonal chapter
  5. Pattern Portfolio – This is the only chapter that is for patterns of squares / motifs alone. The other four chapters are for projects that are made up of squares.
Each individual pattern includes:
  • Name of pattern
  • Short subtitle that suggest tips that also describe the pattern. For example, the Ivy League Afghan says “choose deep rich colors or soft pastels and work them as desired to stitch these squares of diagonal stripes”.
  • Photo of finished project.
  • Finished size
  • Materials required
  • Gauge information
  • Row-by-row instructions for each square
  • Border, assembly and finishing instructions; some blanket patterns show graphs depicting which squares go where
  • Any additional tips required
The book ends with information on the yarn used in each of the patterns in the book. This seems a bit of an odd way to introduce what the yarns are (I’m used to seeing in written into the pattern itself) but is kind of a moot point since a lot of the 1989 yarns are a bit outdated and the patterns would need to be adjusted for using the yarns you like today.

Favorite examples from this crochet book

d81e 500x472 Crochet Book Review: Granny Squares Nanny Squares

Evening News

crochet 1 500x559 Crochet Book Review: Granny Squares Nanny Squares

Soft Pinks

crochet 2 500x612 Crochet Book Review: Granny Squares Nanny Squares

Cozy Colors

Special notes

The only thing that irks me a little bit about the patterns in this book is that the materials list provides the yarn required in ounces instead of yards and I much prefer to know what the required yardage is. Other that that I think this is a good book. It is certainly a little outdated but many of the patterns are classic and relevant as home decor today.

Conclusion: I like this book and think it makes a nice addition to a well-rounded crochet library especially since you can get it super cheap via Amazon icon smile Crochet Book Review: Granny Squares Nanny Squares

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