Unique Crochet Pieces from Anthropologie

I have to confess that I have never purchased anything from Anthropologie even though I’ve window shopped on their online store before. I’m tempted these days, though, because this chain store has a surprising amount of really creative crochet pieces. Although they have some crochet clothing it’s really their other crochet stuff that intrigues me most. Check it out:

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Crochet Toadstool Pouf

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Dancing Darla Bunny

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Crochet paillettes on drapes

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Wool cloche with crochet flower

Would you buy crochet from Anthropologie? Why or why not?

2 thoughts on “Unique Crochet Pieces from Anthropologie”

  1. If I didn’t know how to crochet, I would buy crocheted pieces. Or, if it was something I loved but didn’t have time to make, I would buy it. I do however feel sad when I see a crocheted garment that I know took a lot of time and expertise on the clearance rack for $30. Buying from an independent artist is more expensive but I would know I was supporting the person who actually made it. Not some big company who paid someone $.25 an hour.

  2. @Martha … Great point. I think if you’re going to buy crochet from big chain stores then it is worth it to do some research into their relationships with their crafters. Some of them do offer a fair wage and a good living to people in other countries … and some don’t, of course.


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