Touching Stories from Crochet Baby Bereavement Hats

amimami10 crochet baby bereavement hats

I shared the above photo by Instagram’s amimami10 as one of the top ten photos of the week in yesterday’s crochet photo roundup. I’ve been so touched by the comments people have left on my Instagram share.

Amimami10 originally shared:

“My midwives said there is a need for baby bereavement hats at the hospital so I decided to make some to donate. It’s no secret that pregnancy loss is a topic that means a lot to me and this project is much more emotionally difficult than I thought it would be. This one is for 14-16 weeks gestational age.”

She then explained in a response to someone’s question about it:

“I had a loss during pregnancy in 2012. I also struggle with pregnancy and postpartum mood disorders and crocheting has absolutely been therapeutic for me.”

Some of the comments received:

“Oh my… That is so tiny! I never had a loss during a pregnancy, but I did lose a child. Since I started to crochet, I’ve found it has helped me with all the ups and downs I go through. Very therapeutic”. – @cheekyb

“What a special idea. I lost 3 pregnancies. But only started crochet when I fell pregnant with my twins. Always did premmie hats, never thought of something like this.” – @btrixdesigns

“I started crocheting when I lost my first baby at 25 weeks gestational age. Crocheting was therapeutic for me.” – @isiayede

“Oh this made me cry – I lost a baby when I was 20 weeks along over 30 years ago. I would have loved something like this. I got nothing – no counselling or anything. What you are doing is a wonderful thing – and I thank you for doing it.” – @sally906

Thank you to everyone who has commented and shared their own stories. Every time that you speak out about your experience, you heal yourself and the others around you. You never know how your story will touch people and impact lives.

I’m so sorry for the losses that people have had of their babies at any age or stage. I’m so glad for those who found crochet to help them through the difficult process of grieving. And I’m so grateful for those who crochet items like this little baby bereavement hat to give comfort and love to those in need.

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  1. My sister lost her baby last Christmas and I almost lost my sweet girl. We want to do a donation to the hospital that took care of us and our children and I cannot find a pattern for anything as small as what you made. Please, may I buy your pattern? This is time sensitive as I only have a couple weeks to make as many as I can. Thank you in advance.


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