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Coveting: Jaguar Cashmere Alpaca Merino Blend Yarn

I have mentioned Yarns of Italy before. They are based in the United States but sell terrific high-quality but super-affordable yarns from Italy. I just recently got some more yarn from them and now I’m already coveting a different yarn they offer! The Yarn I Just Got You can check the link above to see the Yarns of Italy yarn that I’d previously gotten. What I just got is this: Lapponia Twisted Bulky Wool Blue and White Yarn. I haven’t started making anything with this yet but I’m super excited about how it looks and feels. I’m thinking a cowl. We’ll see. The Yarn I am Coveting There are actually several different new yarns in the Yarns of Italy Etsy store that I’m eyeing but here’s the one I am really coveting: It’s a super soft yarn. Here’s what they have to say about it on Yarns of Italy: Catch…