vercillo crochet


The Things That I Crochet

I crochet all of the time. I crochet almost every day. And I often share photos of the work, or at least the works in progress, on Instagram. But it has been a really long time since I shared my crochet work here on the blog so I thought it would be a good time for a roundup of things I’ve made.

My Mother, the Crochet Artist

My mother is the one who originally taught me to crochet, and then she also encouraged me again twenty years later when I wanted to re-learn what I’d forgotten. (You can read our story here.) Since I began crocheting, my mom has picked up the craft again as well, making checkerboard baby blankets for all of the babies born to our friends and other items here and there. Recently, my mom answered a call for submissions to a local Tucson art gallery, and I am thrilled to say that a piece of her crochet artwork is on exhibit now, with an opening reception tonight.