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Does Crochet Have a Place in the Erotic Arts?

A couple of weeks ago I read a news article about the 2011 Toronto Erotic Arts Fair. The article mentioned several different crafts that were being shown off at this event. What caught my attention was the description of crocheted nipple tassels (or pasties). I was going to write about the event right away but I didn’t. Instead, I mulled over it for a little while, curious about how crochet fits into the erotic arts. Crochet Nipple Tassels BlogTo has a description of the crochet pasties that first caught my eye. (That’s also the source of the image at the top of this article): On to the crochet nipple tassels. So much for grannies and needlework? These ones are made by Susan from Sex on a Stitch, and yes, they come with double-sided tape. Each pair is different; some with sequins, beads, and pairing words such as “gin” and “juice”…