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Crochet Blog Roundup: November 2011

Well, another month is at its end and it’s been another busy one here on Crochet Concupiscence. In case you missed some posts that you want to check into now, I’ve got the roundup of what we had here on the blog in November. Let’s take a look: My Favorite November Crochet Posts I always love doing all of the posts for my Hooked Together blogroll exploration project and the Saturday Link Love posts, which both allow me to explore the great content on other crochet blogs. Some of my other favorite posts to write and research this month were: 10 Sexy Guys in Crochet Cowls 7 Luxury Crochet Jewelry Items 5 Must-Have Crochet Items for Coffee Lovers Reasons to be Thankful for Crochet 625 Crochet Things to Inspire You (a list of lists) Crochet Art and Artists Slightly Unnverving but Stunning Crochet Art from Sarah Applebaum Crazy, Creepy Crochet in Music Video Organic…