featured instagrammer


2014 Featured Instagrammer: SweetSharnaMakes

Today’s featured crochet instagrammer is sweet_sharna_makes. I’ve just fallen in love with everything that she makes and shares. She uses a variety of lovely color combinations to make great work, especially motif-based crochet work. I especially love the wearables that she makes but she also makes a lot of cute crochet cushions and other things. Her Instagram feed is crochet-rich but also features some other crafty things and life snippets.

2014 Featured Instagrammer: Holly_Pips

Today’s featured instagrammer in crochet is holly_pips. Her bio tagline says it all: “Living in Greenwich, London with my little family. Mummy to Pip, crochet addict, lover of general craftiness and part time craft tutor”. Her Instagram is rich with colorful crochet shares but you’ll also find a lot of other fun things there including other crafts and craft supplies, beautiful food shots and cute kiddo photos.

2014 Featured Instagrammer: ForeverAutumn

Michelle AKA forever__autumn__. Just take one glance at her Instagram feed and you’ll see that she has a perfect color palette that distinctly defines who she is. She shares lots of lovely crochet in those great colors, which is of course my favorite part, but she also shares so other goodies including inspirational words/ phrases, cute kiddos, animals and yummy looking food.

2014 Featured Instagrammer: Ektelykke

Today’s featured instagrammer is ektelykke. She has the lovely sentiment in her bio: “Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things”. Her Instagram feed is rich with lots of crochet. She does beautiful work with color and I especially love when she incorporates different shades of pink in her pieces because for some reason she’s able to use this color so well!