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Top 10 Ideas for Eco-Friendly Crochet

Do you want to be more responsible with your crochet, making sure that the stuff that you make and the way that you make it is eco-friendly? Here are ten great ideas for making more eco-friendly crochet items: Crochet for an eco-friendly cause. Put your hooks to work doing a crochet donation project for an eco-friendly cause. For example, many people donated plarn breasts to Something in the Water, a project designed to raise awareness about the devastating effects of polluted water on breast milk. Crocheting for hyperbolic crochet reef projects is another example. Check out all of the vegan yarn options. The majority of these are eco-friendly. They include corn silk yarn, recycled sari yarn and reclaimed yarn. Explore additional eco-friendly yarn options. For example, there is Alpaca/Llama Eco-Soft Yarn and organic merino yarn. If the yarn is processed using the Organic Trade Association’s Fiber Processing standards then it…