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RONACreations Crochet Hats and Accessories + HWSF Crochet

Sunday was How Weird Street Faire here in San Francisco. This event kicks off the festival season in San Francisco – Haight Street Fair and Union Street Fair and North Beach Festival and Pride and so many other weekend street fair events and parades to follow but it all really starts with this one each summer. And this is the best one to spot amazing DIY fashion including lots of pretty crochet.

Crochet Fashion Inspiration from Cortefiel

I have showcased some Zara brand crochet, crochet that isn’t actually crochet but rather machine-made faux-chet, because these items can sometimes serve as great inspiration starting points for crochet designs and upcycled DIY crochet projects. Today I want to do the same thing with Cortefiel, a brand that has some beautiful faux-chet pieces, including pieces in color, that make me want to do fun new things with my crochet hook.

Crochet Fashion Inspiration from Zara

I’m browsing through the Zara website, looking at the items that they have labeled “crochet”. The truth is, these aren’t actually crochet items but rather machine-made items designed to look similar to crochet. (There is no actual crochet machine.) It’s what I’ve seen Ellen of GoCrochet refer to as faux-chet. What this is great for, in my opinion, is inspiration. There are some smart ideas out there in the world of fashion that handcrafters can use in their own designs. So here’s what Zara has in faux-chet.