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How Crochet Helps Erica Dawn Rackett

Erica Dawn learned to crochet when she was a young child, about the age of six. Her grandmother had taught her the basics, but she lost interest in it fairly quickly. Then, about five years ago, that same grandmother passed away on the night of her 93rd birthday. Erica picked up the hook again to help her deal with the loss. In this interview, she shares that experience and how crochet has helped.

All You Might Want to Know About How Crochet Heals People

Inspired by reading Love in Every Stitch, I decided to go through my archives and review all of the articles I’ve written over the years about how crochet has helped people. Of course, I love the personal stories the most but I like anytime I can share about the mental and physical health benefits of crochet. Then I got to wondering – why haven’t I collected all of these articles in one place? Well, I ask that no longer – here is the archive of crochet health stories to date.

Crochet Health Survey Update

Thank you so much to everyone who has taken, Tweeted, linked to or otherwise participated in my crochet health survey. There have been more than 46oo responses so far and I’m thrilled! I wanted to give you a little update today about the survey, why I’m doing it, where it’s been blogged about it and how you can continue helping. Crochet Health Survey FAQ: How long will it be up? This crochet health survey will be live until at least the end of July and possibly longer. I want to get as much press coverage for it as possible so that I can reach the widest range of respondents available. What’s the point? I am collecting information from this survey to learn about how crochet is helping people with illness as well as with improving quality of life. I will publish information from the results of the survey in order…