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Stitch N Pitch – Perfect Spring Crochet Event!

We’ve all heard of the Stitch n Bitch, when a group of people get together to crochet (or knit) and converse. But have you ever heard of a Stitch n Pitch? It’s a new event that is being held this year during baseball season and I think it’s a genius idea. So what is a Stitch n Pitch? As the name suggests, this is an event that combines needlework and baseball. It’s a themed baseball game that is designed specifically to attract crocheters and other needleworkers who want to work on their craft while they watch baseball. Why do a Stitch n Pitch? The main reason is the same reason that you do a Stitch n Bitch, so that you can work on your craft in the company of other people who also love it. However there are some other cool reasons to participate in a Stitch n Pitch: It…