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100 Unique Crochet Dresses

It’s been a long time since I did a roundup for my “100 unique” series, where I showcase 100 crochet items in the same category to highlight the vast creative potential that this craft has to offer. In the past we’ve looked at 500 unique crochet items – 100 each of hats, scarves, shawls, skirts and shirts/ sweaters. Today we’ll finally add to that collection with a look at 100 unique crochet dresses!

Fashion Tip: How to Wear Crochet Dresses in Spring

Image source: http://www.hipsterchic.com/free-people-crochet-bodice-dress/ Crochet dresses can be worn all year round. You just need to wear them with the right other items to make them work for the weather. So how do you wear crochet dresses in spring? Shelby Capacio of Fox 9 news has a tip: Dresses are the perfect layering piece to transition as the temperatures rise. Opt for a crochet dress in a saturated spice color. Pair with opaque tights, infinity scarf and your favorite pair of boots for now, update later with gladiator sandals and tribal printed bangles. I definitely agree with this basic approach. Bright colors are terrific for the fun spring season. If that’s not your thing then pastels and neutrals always work well. And I live in the Bay Area so I wear tights pretty much all year round. I love fishnets with crochet dresses because they add additional texture and an openwork pattern.…