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Just for Fun: Crochet Fruit Potholders

This is a fun, easy “Lay Flat Circle” crochet pattern project that is great for beginners. Crocheting these potholders was one of my first projects as a little girl. “Lay Flat” means just that. As you are crocheting a circle, be sure the circle will lay flat on a surface. Create one or a whole fruit bowl of potholders and give as a bright birthday or bridal shower gift. For these I used Clover size I & J crochet hook, a darning needle, scissors and an assortment of yarn (4.5 and 7 oz.) and some “unidentifiable” balls of scrap yarn. I suggest you use at least 3 colors of yarn – one for the main color, yarn for the trim, a color for the seeds or embellishments. Use your imagination on color choice, try something wild like purple apple slices or even a daisy or sunflower. Get adventuresome and make…