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December Awesome Crochet Blog Awards Roundup

2011 was the first year in my annual crochet blogger awards. Each day I gave a special blog award to a crochet blogger who does one thing especially well. It is very important to me to help strengthen the ties in the crochet blogging community and it was a joy to be able to support some of my favorite crochet bloggers in this way. There were many, many people that I wanted to give awards to but here are the ones that I narrowed it down to this year in the end: Best crochet interviews: Underground Crafter Best crochet finds: Anastacia Knits Best crochet tutorials: Crochet with Raymond Best crochet ripples: Debi Y. Best crochet news source: JD at Craft Gossip Best vintage crochet finds: Thornberry Best colorwork: Le Monde de Sucrette Best crochet videos: Crochet Geek Most helpful crochet content: Poetry in Yarn Best charity crochet blogs: SIBOL, Bridge…