Summer Days: 12 Gorgeous Crochet Hammocks for Relaxation and Rejuvenation

I don’t know why I keep daydreaming about hammocks lately. I’ve lived in apartment for more than six years and it’s been longer than that since I’ve had a hammock of my own. And San Francisco’s summer weather is more conducive to making you think of scarves and shawls, not sprawling in the sunshine we rarely have. Nevertheless, I’ve got hammocks on the brain so I thought I’d hunt down a roundup of crocheted hammocks worth taking a rest in!

crochet hammock

This hammock sold by Etsy’s hamanica is made from cotton thread. This store has a wide selection of crochet hammocks to check out. It says on Etsy that “each hammock is a unique piece made by hand directly by our collective of talented craftsmen in the city of Masaya, Nicaragua.”

crochet hammock chair

This simple crochet hammock chair is sold on Etsy by veronicacolindres. She works with her parents and brother to make crochet, woven and sewn hammocks.

ernesto neto crochet hammock

Ernesto Neto makes interactive crochet sculptures similar to the crochet playgrounds by Toshiko Horiuchi Macadam. This one is small enough to function as a hammock. Photo via Mommy Poppins.

mayan crochet hammock

This thick cotton hammock is sold online. Many online hammock stores seem to feature handcrafted (often crocheted) hammocks under the names Mayan Hammock, Nicaraguan Hammock and Brazilian Hammock.

crochet cotton hammock

This luxurious looking hammock with crochet detail was featured over on My Decorator in a great roundup of crochet and knit for the home.

crocheted hammock

This blue and white hammock is sold by Amacando, an Italian company that also has an Etsy store.

purple crochet hammock

This purple crochet hammock was up for sale on eBay. I included the inset photo in case anyone wanted to see some of the crochet in close-up.

crochet hammock dome

Crochet Hammock Dome via CargoCollective for Burning Man

green crochet hammock

I can’t decide if I’m partial to natural cream colored crochet hammocks or super brightly colored multicolor hammocks or just ones that use a single bright color like this green one does. What do you like?

cream crochet hammock

This is a cotton hammock with crochet detailing sold on Etsy by ElietsyCorner.

crochet beach hammock

I spotted this one on Depends What Day It Is. I did a Google Image Search that turned up multiple blogs that have posted it but I haven’t been able to find who the original source is. The crochet is pretty basic but it just looks so cozy because of the setting!

crochet hammock pattern

I’m including this last one because it was the one of the only places where I could find a free crochet pattern for a full-sized hammock. eHow also offers an article on How to Make a Crochet Hammock.

Have any of you crocheted a full-size adult hammock? Any tips?

4 thoughts on “Summer Days: 12 Gorgeous Crochet Hammocks for Relaxation and Rejuvenation”

  1. Most of these hammocks are not crocheted. All the South American ones are made by an interlinking technique that we Scandinavians call ‘sprang’. That is what makes them elastic enough to be used width-wise rather than lengthwise.
    Actually, crochet is not an ideal technique for hammocks. Too rigid, and too many ‘knot points’, since knots weaken the structure of the thread used.
    But the crochet detailing on some of these is awesome  :)

    • Hm, that’s an interesting thing to learn. It’s definitely true that a few of these are made from combined needlework / fabric techniques with crochet only as the edging or detailing.
      I’d disagree, however, with the point that crochet can’t be used to make hammocks. There are many different yarn weights, stitch patterns and optiosn for texture that make it totally possible to use crochet to make strong, durable and comfortable hammocks.

  2. Most of these hammocks are not crochet they are woven in a special way. Yes some of them have crochet edges but I do not clasify them as crochet hammocks

  3. There are a large number of crochet hook sizes and almost any material can be crocheted from yarn to plastic bags. A bit of crativety and material is all that in needed to make your own hammock via crochet.


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