Lã e o Kit Almofada Gang Jogo Círculo

You know from my previous posts that I’ve enjoyed working with the Wool and the Gang crochet kits including one of their t-shirt yarn kits and more recently a cotton cardigan crochet kit. I always love when they send me something new to play with and this latest, their Circle Game Cushion crochet kit, is no exception to that trend.

2016 em crochê: All Things Yarn

It has been so fun looking back at the year in crochet. Nós revimos arte crochet, livros, designers, moda, saúde, fio, padrões, Dicas e tutoriais. Eu também arredondado para cima exercícios crochê criativas e compartilhei minha própria crochet do ano. But let’s not forget what we all need to crochet: fio!