Crochê ao redor do mundo


Crochet Ajuda a refugiados sírios na Grécia Cope com Tédio

There are many organizations and crafters sending crochet blankets, toys and clothing to people in Syria. Karen Kirk wanted to do something different to help the Syrian refugees temporarily housed at camps in Greece. She wasn’t sure what skills she could offer but she went to Greece to do her best, and it turned out that crochet skills and supplies were something she could contribute.

Atualização sobre indocumentado Student Quem Crocheted para pagar a faculdade

As an undocumented immigrant in the United States Jose Luis Zelaya did not qualify for funding for higher education so he had to find a way to put himself through college. Crochê ajudado. He started making and selling affordable crochet accessories, particularly hats called DREAMbeanies, to raise funds to support himself. He’s really been successful in his education and is now working hard to encourage education as a path for others.