Do you have a desire to explore your creativity but also a fear of calling yourself an “artista”? Você queria que você mais criativamente foram cumprida, mas não têm tempo para si mesmo para só criar? Existem problemas emocionais bloqueando seu lado criativo? Crochê pode ajudar! Este simples e fácil de aprender o ofício pode ser usado em maneiras originais de entrar em contato com o seu artista interior, explorar e erradicar seus mais profundos medos criativos e restaurar o equilíbrio para sua vida pessoal.

Please consider helping me out with my just-launched crowdsourced funding campaign for my next book project, which includes multimedia components like online classes and personalized email coaching. Aqui estão os detalhes … or you can check it out on Indiegogo.

Sobre o projeto

No meu livro popular Crochê salvou a minha vida Eu compartilhei a informação sobre os benefícios de saúde física e mental de crochê. Agora eu quero levá-lo para o próximo nível, ajudando as pessoas a aprender como usar crochê para curar, melhorar sua criatividade diária e melhorar a sua qualidade de vida total. Isto vai ser feito através de um novo livro de exercícios de criatividade, bem como o desenvolvimento de aulas on-line e suporte de e-mail criativa.

More Details

Hook to Heal with have three core products all coming out in 2013:

  • Creativity Exercises Book. My next book, due out 10/1/2013 is a book of creativity exercises for crocheters. It will show how crochet can be used to achieve mindfulness, release artistic fear, push to the next level of creativity, celebrate life and more. Many topics of creativity will be explored in this book that challenge you to find new ways to craft yourself to wellness.
  • 12 Week Online Creativity Classes. Beginning in the fall I will also be launching online creativity classes. These will be weekly classes with chat/ video components that offer detailed lessons and guidance exploring the core ideas presented in the Hook to Heal book.
  • One-on-one Email Support for Crochet Creativity. Eu vou tirar as lições que aprendi sobre como usar o crochê para se aprofundar na sua criativo auto. I’ll be your personal creative crochet armed with hooks to help you get to the next stage of your personal growth.

Hook to Heal is a comprehensive program for people who want to use crafting to better their lives. No entanto, each of the three parts will be available on their own so you don’t have to commit to the total plan if you don’t want to.

A Self-Published Project

When I wrote my last book, Crochê salvou a minha vida, I decided that the right thing to do was to self-publish and I was so glad that I did. This has allowed me to make the book available to more people in more formats than may have been available with a traditional publisher. I want to continue self-publishing because I think it helps me give the most back to my crochet / creative community. No entanto, self-publishing is expensive and that’s why I need funding to help get Hook to Heal off the ground.

I honestly need about $10000 to fully complete this project and I’ll be exploring several sources for that funding but I’m asking for a modest $2000 from this campaign to get things started. Here is what the money will be used for:

  • The time required to complete to complete both the book and the lesson plans for the online classes. I have been self-employed for about 10 years and doing this project means dropping other time-consuming projects that pay the bills.
  • Photographer fees. This is going to be a photo-rich, creatively-inspiring book and that requires a professional photographer.
  • Publishing fees. Self-publishing means putting out some money up front to get copies of the book ready (plus the pre-publishing editor fees, etc.)
  • Web / tech fees. I’m fairly web savvy but I can’t do it all on my own so some of the tech/website details are handed over to my awesome tech consultant who deserves to be paid for his work!
  • Education for teaching online classes. I either need to hire a videographer or take classes that will help me make sure that I can deliver the highest quality online classes. De qualquer maneira, a fee is involved.

What You Get

I wouldn’t ask people to support this project if I couldn’t give them something in return. The people who help fund this campaign will be the first to get the products that are produced including digital and print copies of the book, enrollment in the online classes, personal email support and more. Plus you can get advertising for your own stuff through my popular website. Big donors can even get a week of one-on-one creativity lessons with me! Or you can be generous and gift others with this program. See the donor perks for this project to get the specific details.

The Impact

I learned from the response I got to Crochet Saved My Life that people are hungry to learn how to use crafting to heal in ways both small and large. The lessons I’ve learned from these people are so touching, as they’ve shared stories with how crochet has helped them through depression, luto, dor crônica, serious mental illness, age-related memory loss and more.

The great thing about crochet is that it’s an affordable, portable, easy craft that almost anyone can learn. Supporting this project means that you are supporting:

  • A traditional craft
  • Self-improvement through hands-on activities
  • Creative growth for people of all income levels
  • An indie author and female entrepreneur (that’s me!)

One goal of Hook to Heal is that it will eventually have a non-profit component offering classes and support to people in need including foster youth teens and people in the mental health system. I hope to launch this aspect in early 2014.

Other Ways You Can Help

This campaign accepts donations as small as $1 and every little bit helps. If even that is too much right now, Compreendo perfeitamente. Some people just can’t contribute cash, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help. Aqui está como:

  • Spread the word about this campaign. Use Indiegogo’s share tools and it’s easy! Blog about it, share it on social media , spread through word of mouth
  • Ask someone you know to sponsor your contribution. You never know who may want to help you improve your creative life.
  • Visit Crochet Saved My Life to learn more about the health benefits of crafting.

Thank you so much for your kind support!


San Francisco com base e crochê obcecada pelo escritor, sonhador e espírito criativo!

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  1. Parabéns! Shared on my FB pagefound you from a link on etsy to a blog that interviewed youNoel’s Vintage Books

  2. Obrigado por acessar meu blog! I am talking up a storm to many of the people I work with about your book. We started a small crochet group at work and I cannot say enough how wonderful it is to heal through sharing, through opening up and doing it through crochet!

    • CrochetBlogger Resposta

      @Liza of Gabli Thanks so much for sharing that with me. I love hearing that people are making crochet healing work in action like this!!!

  3. Eu doei $25. I would have donated more, but I’m strapped for money at the moment. I’m uber-excited for your new book to come out!

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