At the end of every month I do a roundup of celebrities spotted in crochet. More often than not, Vanessa Hudgens is on that list. This celebrity seems to wear more crochet than any other and especially has a fondness for crochet tops. I thought I’d do a roundup of just Vanessa in crochet of all sorts.

Vanessa in Crochet Recap

First let’s take a look at all of the crochet that we’ve already seen Vanessa sporting in various posts throughout this blog’s life:

This was Vanessa Hudgens in crochet at Coachella in 2011

And of course she was also in crochet at Coachella in 2012; it’s tough to tell because of the brightness of the photo but the vest is crochet

Other 2012 spottings of Vanessa Hudgens in crochet:

Vanessa Hudgens kicked off the year in a Lisa Maree crochet swimsuit

In the following month Vanessa was seen wearing a crochet-inspired top underneath a knit cardigan

In April 2012 Vanessa Hudgens wore a great crochet top

May 2012 found Vanessa sporting another style of crochet top

That’s all so far in 2012 but she was featured often on this blog in 2011, too, like in May 2011 when she got attention for this crochet crop top:

Vanessa in Even More Crochet

And this post wouldn’t be complete if I failed to include some photos of Vanessa Hudgens in crochet that we hadn’t seen here yet:

 Although Vanessa is best known for loving the crocheted top, she’s been spotted in crochet bottoms, too, like this see-through openwork crochet skirt, which was another Coachella item

This is such a cute look. I’m not actually sure if the top is crochet or knit, though. The openwork looks like crochet but that’s a cable in front that’s probably not crochet. What do you think?

Crochet cropped tube top from Stone Cold Fox as seen on Vanessa Hudgens

Just Jared spotted Vanessa in this cute crochet halter top. The crochet on the person next to her is pretty, too!

What do you think of the way that Vanessa Hudgens incorporates crochet into her wardrobe?


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