Navegue nosso IN HOUSE, MÃO fios tingidos

Last week we looked at different ways to use acessórios de crochê to style a vestido amarelo. Esta semana vamos olhar para as opções de estilo diferente para um vestido de crochê. I started with a basic crochet dress that I made, a sleeveless openwork dress done mostly in blues and blacks. For the basic look (acima) I just added flats and a simple black necklace (and underneath is a black tank and black half slip).

Add black heels, belt the dress up high, add classy earrings and put hair in a messy updo. Ready to go to a late lunch!

Keep hair in a messy bun, remove earrings, add glasses, add black floral fishnet tights and add diagonal striped blouse. Add red lipstick. Ready for the library!

Keep those floral black fishnets tights, remove all other accessories, add a floral headband with a low ponytail, add a warm fuzzy black jacket. Ready to go anywhere!

Change what’s underneath to a bright blue tank and a pink half slip. Shake out the hair and leave it down. Keep the floral fishnets, add blue shoes and blue sunglasses. Tie the crochet dress up into a loose top by knotting it at the side. Ready for an afternoon of thrift shopping and lunch in the park.


San Francisco com base e crochê obcecada pelo escritor, sonhador e espírito criativo!

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