NOTA: The date for this event has changed from spring (Abril) to fall (Outubro) so you’ve got more time to plan if you want to join in!


Existem tantas opções legais para retiros de crochê e férias. I mentioned recently that I wish I could go on the Retiro de crochê marroquino in April but now there’s another April retreat vying for my attention: Yarnstorm Bootcamp.

What is Yarnstorm Bootcamp?

This is a yarnbombing retreat in the UK where you can come together with other crocheters and knitters to learn about and participate in some yarnbombing. The website calls ita Fluffy Fest of Sneaky Stitching, Graffiti Knitting and Woolly Mayhem of a Crochet Kind”. It happens in Ventor, Isle of Wight during the last weekend of April 2012.

Who Is Hosting It?

This event is being co-hosted by well-known yarnbomber Deadly Knitshade and fiber friend The Fastener. They’re both knitters but crochet is welcome at this yarnbombing event.

What’s Included

The price, which is £395 includes:

  • yarnbombing educational workshops on everything from creating a yarn bomber identity to choosing a yarn bomb location
  • 2 yarnstorming eventsa group one and a solo one
  • personal shopping evening
  • all basic materialsneeded to do your yarnbombing
  • access to acrafty library and sample stash
  • three days stay at a bed and breakfast
  • meals including one pub dinner at a local hot spot
  • some of the travel costs

The Location

A search online tells me that Ventor is a resort island on The English Channel that is known for its Victorian charm, great seafood and loads of specialty shops. Wikipedia tells me its the warmest, sunniest island in the area.

Yarnbombing vs Yarnstorming

I thought I’d note here that this group actually calls their activity yarnstorming not yarnbombing although I’ve been calling it by its better-known name in this post. They don’t care what you call it but the Knit the City website explains:

Being of a gentler disposition the Yarn Corps feel a bit sheepish about being labelled as dastardly yarn terrorists. We live in a city where ‘bomb’ is possibly not the best word to bandy about, even if it is woolly. We’re not blowing things up. We’re creating a bit of handmade chaos. See how pretty it is. *gazes*

Is this a retreat you’d go on?


San Francisco com base e crochê obcecada pelo escritor, sonhador e espírito criativo!

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  1. deadlyknitshade Resposta

    @CrochetBlogger Oooo thanks for the tweet! We’re actually gonna have to move the date to October now. Damned zombie sheep attack!

    • CrochetBlogger Resposta

      @deadlyknitshade Good to know. :) October will be nice too. It really does sound like tons of fun!

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