Crochet from Lisa Maree, Jack Davis, Lesley Stanfield and Gaultier

No caso de você perdeu ele na semana passada, I’ve debuted a new weekly blog feature in honor of my blog’s one year birthday. I’ll be doing posts showing what was happening on this blog one year ago to the week and offering updates on topics where I can. Let’s get started with our look back.

Crochê arte

Ooh scandalous. The second crochet artist I ever profiled here on the blog was San Francisco’s own Jack Davis Quem é conhecido por sua 35+ anos de carreira fazendo e exibindo malha pênis. It may not be everyone’s cup of crochet tea but I am impressed by his dedication to his craft and loved researching his work. He had a show here that I missed in October (at adult shop Good Vibrations). The photo of his work at the top of this page comes from that show via Waggle Dancing.

Livros de crochet

The crochet book I enjoyed reviewing at this time last year was 100 Flores de tricô e crochê por Lesley Stanfield. I still think it’s a good resource for crochet flower patterns. However I now also know about some other crochet flower pattern books to recommend – especificamente: Crochê Bouquet.

Crochê notícias

Uma coisa que eu notei no ano passado foi que muitas pessoas estavam fazendo partes do corpo anatomicamente correto de croché como corações e pulmões. I revisited this topic later in the year when I did the birthday post for my dad on crochê de doação de órgãos.

Another thing in the crochet news at the time was that Sarah London had launched her Um arco-íris de crochê project to help flood victims in Australia. It called for granny squares (which I admit I intended to donate and somehow never got around toshame on me!) Since then Sarah has continued her crochet efforts, launching her Granny Love crochet book recently and now running a really cool CAL for her Wool-Eater pattern.

One of my favorite regular features on this blog had an entry during this week last year: my awesome elderly crocheter series. Eu escrevi sobre Dora Ropchan, a 106-year-old crocheter. Her story is also published in my booklet of these stories titled Quando a vovó não é crochê é caça grossa.

Crochê Fashion

A year ago Australian crochet swimwear designer Lisa Maree foi super animado que queria trabalhar com ela. Lisa Maree continuou a expandir-se desde então. Seu trabalho de crochê tem sido visto na várias celebridades and walked the runway at Semana de moda australiana. The line has expanded to include swimwear that’s not crocheted but that still makes up the bulk of her line. Love what she’s doing!

Fatos de banho de crochê were hot at this time last year. Another bit of news came from who had seen their crochet swimsuits on stars including Kourtney Kardashian, Paris Hilton and Mischa Barton.

I’ve often addressed the issue of Cadeia de lojas crochê on this blog in the past year but the first time I posted anything related to the topic was the news that Topshop and Marks & Spencer both had crochet in their spring 2011 linhas. Then later in the week I noted that crochet featured heavily in the Calypso St. Barth collection for Target. Later in the year Target would get a lot of attention from knitters and crocheters when Missoni for Target went live. So many people tried to buy it up that the Target website crashed. Quanto a mim, I prefer the original Missoni lines.

E, finalmente,, one of my favorite crochet fashion items to date was posted during this week: Gaultier Crochet Shoes.

Crochê na Etsy

Os recursos de crochê Etsy que eu escolhi para este site durante esta semana do ano passado foram:

  1. Crochet Necklace from Marie’s Corner
  2. Amigurumi Peelable Banana by HoneyBee69
  3. Crochet Dog Sweater by KristinasKrochet
  4. Crochet Tam by NooMMoon
  5. Crochê Afghan by Vintagesong
Aqui está algo novo a partir dessas lojas agora:
  1. Grey and Cream Fiber Necklace by Marie’s Corner
  2. Crocheted Peelable Apple Pattern by HoneyBee69
  3. Doggie Rain Outfit Crochet Pattern by KristinasKrochet
  4. Green Crochet Wings by NooMMoon
  5. There’s no crochet in the vintagesong shop right now although there’s lots of other good stuff

Citações de crochê:

As citações de crochê que foram apresentadas no site durante esta mesma semana no ano passado foram:

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.”Scott Adams

"Criação e processamento de fios exóticos deu novo significado à adição de fibra a minha dieta." – Kathy Haneke

"Se mais pessoas de malha e malha, o mundo iria ver menos guerras e muito menos violência no trânsito." – Queixo de Lily

You know you’ve been crocheting too long when you win the lottery and spend the whole darn thing to buy Lion Brand Yarns’ stock, uma fazenda de ovelhas na Nova Zelândia, and spinning lessons.”Jennie’s Crochet

And a long quote from Vickie Howell about pop culture’s influence on fashion and craft.

Crocheters on Twitter

At this time last year I recommended following ten crocheters on Twitter. Here’s what they’re up to now:

  • @aberrantcrochetJulia Chambers is a crochet designer who is still active on Twitter.
  • @vashtiramaVashti Braha beat me out of a Flamie in 2011 for best crochet blog. She’s got some great crochet info there and on Twitter.
  • @gocrochet – Designer Ellen Gormley remains active on her blog as well as her Twitter account.
  • @knotbygranmaI love what this fun crochet art doll maker is doing these days and mostly I stay on top of it all via Twitter.
  • @monikadesignI absolutely love the crochet stuff in the Etsy store that this crafter posts about on Twitter so I can see it :) I wish she had a blog!
  • @unravelmedesignTheresa Grant also has an Etsy store but is terrifically good about making sure her Twitter account isn’t just about this but also about all sorts of life and craft stuff.
  • @jaybirddesignsMostly tweets links to her Etsy store which is full of crochet goodness. She also blogs intermittently. Honestly I follow the blog more than the Tweets but that’s just a preference.
  • @hotpinkhookSadly both the blog and the Twitter account went dormant mid-year last year so I’m not really following this one anymore.
  • @hooked4lifeI adore Mary Beth Temple (I recommend her Hooked for Life crochet essay book) and continue to enjoy following her on Twitter.
  • @lbystudioI’m not sure I realized the difference between Lion Brand’s various Twitter accounts at this time last year but this one is linked to their actual New York retail store.

Here’s What I was Crocheting A Year Ago:

Crochet Flapper Hat with Irish Rose

And I did a post about what I found to be the four simple pleasures of crochet.

What were you doing with crochet one year ago?


San Francisco com base e crochê obcecada pelo escritor, sonhador e espírito criativo!

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