Popular Crochet Pattern: In Treble Afghan Square

crochet treble square

In Treble Afghan Square pattern by Julie Yeager

Every now and then you see a crochet pattern that surges in popularity and everyone seems to be making it. Based on my Pinterest crochet explorations, I think that the In Treble Afghan Square by Julie Yeager is currently that pattern. I thought I’d share it in case you hadn’t seen it yet.

The version above is the one I see most often on Pinterest and is the one does by Yeager herself. But here are some variations by some other crocheters:

in treble afghan square

Via Sheri Crochets

crochet dishcloth

From Sticks, Strings, Etc.

crochet afghan square

Version by MaryFairy

Update: In the original version of this post I incorrectly attributed the above square to KinniCrochetShe didn’t make that one but she did make this gorgeous version:

crochet afghan square1

KinnicChick also has a second version of this square that you can see here.


This crochet pattern is available for sale through Ravelry for just $1.99. The pattern is crocheted in the round, is worked mostly using the treble crochet stitch, and is designed to be a 12″ block. Put a bunch together for an afghan or use small ones for dishtowels or cushion covers.

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