BEKIJK ONZE IN HUIS, HAND geverfde garen

We have been looking recently at crochet dream catchers. When you make a dreamcatcher, je vaak nemen veren in het ontwerp, met name in de kwastjes die hangen van de bodem van het stuk. Het is altijd leuk om een ​​gemengde media stuk te maken, maar het kan nog leuker om uw eigen veren haak toe te voegen aan je droom catcher. Deze haak veerpatronen en tutorials kan u begeleiden.

General Crochet Feather Patterns

Here are a variety of different crochet feather patterns, most matching the simple feather shape that we think of when we think of sticking a feather in our cap.

crochet feather free pattern

Dit crochet feather pattern by Reimy Johanna Designs is available as a free download through Ravelry. It was originally designed as a feather to go with a crochet hat pattern but it works on its own as jewelry, an appliqué or hanging from a dream catcher.

crochet feather pendants

Deze beautiful crochet feathers were designed by Regina Rioux as pieces for pendants. They inspired Iin Wibisono to figure out the pattern and publish it (with permission) voor free download on Ravelry. This is a great thick leaf-like feather.

crochet feather free pattern

Dit is een similar style of crochet feather to the one above but it also has differences in terms of how it is made. This is a free Ravelry download pattern by Katerina Peraki (her first written pattern in fact) and it comes with both English and German instructions.

crochet feather pattern

Dit is een small crochet feather pattern free from Hazel Crochets who has designed it using the unique spike stitch.

crochet feathers

Hier is een ander small feather crochet pattern, designed by Susan Whitlock and available free online

feather crochet pattern with embroidery

Dit crochet feathers pattern is free from Cherelle Thoughts. The shape is simple but then becomes more defined thanks to some yarn embroidery. The maker provides directions for a simpler version as well.

lacy feather crochet pattern

Dit feather appliqué crochet pattern has a pretty openwork design. It is for sale through Ravelry by Heidi Perry.

Crochet Peacock Feather Patterns

Crochet peacock feathers are far more popular than just the general feather patterns. They are made in a variety of styles, and even in a range of colors (although generally influenced by those find in nature). Some of them would make good tassels for dream catchers; the others are just beautiful crochet designs!

peacock crochet feathers

TheCurioCraftsRoom is one of the best sources for peacock crochet patterns of all kinds. Her peacock feather garland pattern, designed to go with a matching stool cover design, is a lovely choice if you’re seeking to make small and simple crochet peacock feathers. But look through all of her options to find one that suits you. Haar mini Franse pauwenveer gratis haakpatroon is another great choice:

kleine pauwveer vrije haakpatroon

peacock feather necklace crochet pattern

Dit peacock feather is a work of art on its own. Designed as a necklace pattern, it would also look great as a small wall hanging. This crochet pattern is for sale on Ravelry by designer Eléna Leprêtre.

Haak oorbellen

Deze Haak oorbellen, a free pattern from Whistle and Ivy, are another jewelry option that work as an art form. It could also be adapted for use on a dreamcatcher I think.

crochet peacock feather applique free pattern

Peacock feather appliqué free crochet pattern from Living the Craft Life. This is a simple four round crochet pattern that uses increasingly taller stitches to achieve the feather shape.

crochet peacock feather simple pattern

Simple crochet peacock feather free pattern from Kyoticrafts, made using three rounds of simple crochet stitches.


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