Decluttering is a regular part of my life. I do it periodically, usually when I need to make physical space as a gateway to freeing up some mental space. My closet is a frequent target of my decluttering efforts. One of the best tips I ever read (if I recall correctly, it’s from the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up) was to hang clothes so that the longer pieces are on the left and the shorter pieces on the right, creating an illusion of space that offers an awesome quick change to your closet even if you don’t remove a lot of the clothes. In doing that, Ik realiseerde me dat al mijn kleren hangers zijn verschillend van elkaar en rommelig als gevolg. Een idee is om vintage geïnspireerde kleerhanger covers haken voor hen allen; ze uniek ten opzichte van elkaar, maar toch samenhangend zou zijn. Dus ik ben al op zoek naar verschillende kleerhanger haak patronen en foto's voor inspiratie. Hier zijn een paar:

colorful crochet coat hangers

One of my favorite examples of crochet coat hangers comes from Therese Hagstedt’s book Kleurrijke haak. They are indeed colorful and give some great ideas for making covers that incorporate lots of scrap yarn.

stelcrochet gehaakte kleerhangers

Although I love the colorful option, I tend to crochet without a lot of color changes, so I’m also drawn to these nature-hue crochet coat hangers that were crafted by StelCrochet. (She also created the version that is used in thefeature imagefor this post.)

hookybren gehaakte hangers

This option created by hookybren has a similar style; it definitely appeals to me.

wire kleerhangers

There are many different kinds of coat hangers including thick ones. Lazy Daisy Jones offers a zelfstudie for taking T-shirt yarn and using it to upcycle thick wire hangers. These were previously shared in my roundup of 60 haak patronen voor het huis.

elzvan912 gehaakte bruids hanger

Here is a cute crochet-covered coat hanger made by Elza van der Merwe. This would be a cute option for presenting a gift to someone on a hanger. I also like how it uses some mixed media and appliqué details to make the design even more interesting. That inspires a lot of ideas for accenting any crochet-covered coat hangers I might end up making.

haak hanger zelfstudie

If you are looking for a detailed tutorial, rather than inspiration for what to crochet, then this vintage-inspired crochet clothes hanger tutorial from My Rose Valley is one of the best options. Dit was eerder te zien in mijn roundup van 75 Haak tutorials.

gehaakte hangers

Another terrific choice is the Tulips in a Field crochet hangers free pattern van ByHaafner; it has simple color changes that make the stitches used look just like flowers. This is a particularly great choice if you are decluttering and redecorating for spring!

crochet clothes hanger

En ten slotte, here is a lovely shell stitch hanger cover pattern by Creative Jewish Mom who shows that you can use contrasting colors to make a border around the coat hanger that gives interesting aesthetic appeal. In haar post, she shares a second idea for an easy pattern that uses shell stitch as a bottom border. And in another post about crochet coat hangers, she shares some of her favorite designs from other makers.


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