Heeft u een harige vriend die je wilt haken voor? Of u wilt uw hond te kleden in een gehaakte trui of een kattenkruid gehaakte speelgoed voor uw kat, here are fifteen new dierlijke haak patronen.

haak huisdier trui

Procedures Haak een deken trui voor uw hond from Little Cosy Things who explains exactly how to do the measurements to make sure that you get the right size sweater for your dog. It covers just the dog’s back, with straps around the tummy to hold it in place.

gehaakte huisdier deken patroon

Mijtervormige plein huisdier deken gratis haak patroon van ondergrondse Crafter; this is a great pattern for blankets to donate to animal rescues!

Haak cheeserburger huisdier speelgoed gratis pattern

Haak cheeseburger huisdier speelgoed gratis patroon van Lion merk in een nieuwsbrief roundup van 9 Nieuw Gratis brei en haak huisdier patronen; you need to create a free account to access this pattern (if you don’t already have one).

t-shirt garen haak huisdier bed

T-shirt garen haak huisdier bed van Annoo de haak wereld; Zie een andere optie hier

rainbow jellyfish crochet pattern

Rainbow jellyfish bouncing cat toy free amigurumi pattern van Maz Kwok; what cat could resist this?

gehaakte hond trui patroon

Crochet dog sweater free pattern by Jenna Wingate; deze, which is a hoodie pattern, is from her free ebook of dog sweater patterns, featuring four different sweaters plus variations in collars, sleeves, enz. At the end of this book, you’ll know everything that you need to know about making a sweater for your pup!

cat toy free crochet pattern

Gemakkelijk cat toy free crochet pattern from Dabbles and Babbles who says, “Kittens have so much energy and they play non-stop so I thought it would be fun to make Milo some cat toys.

crochet dog bone pattern

Dog bone toy free crochet pattern from Make It Messy; this one is a tutorial for combining two crochet heart patterns with simple stitches to make the shape of a bone

cat toy crochet blanket free pattern

Cat toy blanket free crochet pattern with jingle bells for kitty play from Loopsan

fish cat toy crochet pattern

Fishy cat toy free crochet pattern from Cute Kids Crochet; you can fill it with catnip

crochet leash

Crochet collar and leash free patterns from Threesia Goff; this is what your pet wears every single day so why not personalize it with your craft talent!

dog tie collar pattern

Necktie dog collar free crochet pattern from Posh Pooch, a designer of many wonderful crochet patterns for small dogs

pet bandana crochet pattern

Pet bandana crochet pattern free from Crochet ‘n Morea sweet and simple design

dog bed free crochet pattern

Dog bed free crochet pattern from Elaine Bartlett; this pattern is for the bed itself as well as the cozy pillow that sits atop the bed.

crochet dog bed free oattern

Stashbuster spiral crochet dog bed free pattern from Diane Swain

Just love cute animals? Hier zijn ten adorable animals in crochet.


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  1. I love to crochet for animals! Dit weekend, I’m going to make collars for my sister’s two dogs.

  2. Marie/Underground Crafter Antwoord

    Thanks for including me in this roundup. There are some really great patterns here.

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