Er zijn veel verschillende soorten vormen die u kunt integreren in uw haak, maar de eenvoudige streep is de meest klassieke voorbeeld en blijft van de nietjes gehaakte ontwerp. Deze zeventien haak patronen spelen allemaal met kleur in strepen om een ​​krachtige impact op wat vaak een eenvoudig ontwerp te geven.

gehaakte gestreepte deken patroon

Eenvoudige gestreept baby jongen deken gratis haak patroon van geredde Paw. This crochet blanket pattern is really super simple but there are stripes made in different combinations of row numbers to give you a crochet baby blanket that packs a big design punch. You can take a basic crochet pattern like this and tweak the colors to get unique versions of your very own.

Gehaakte tas patroon

Chunky Gestreepte zak gratis haak patroon designed by Moogly. The color choices here are super smart and are fun to work with. This is a great accessory that makes a statement thanks to those stripes.

gehaakte wanten Patroon

Rock Star Mitts gratis haak patroon by Jessie At Home. The stripes here decorate the hands. Jessie has also created a Rock Star Hat and Scarf crochet pattern set to match these mitts; they showcase a more subtle transition between colors.

kleurrijke beanie patroon

Haak zomer muts gratis patroon van @crochet_stuff. The rows of peach yarn separate the different bold colors that make up the stripes of this pretty crochet hat. It’s designed as a summer hat but really works for any season, especially if you switch up the color palette.

julie_accrochet haak regenboogpatroon

Convertible rainbow cowl / hoed. I know that I’ve shown this crochet pattern (Koop van ACCROchet) several times but that’s because I just really love everything about it, including the chunky rainbow striping that is the predominant feature of the design.

kleurrijke gehaakte etui gratis patroon

Kleurrijke haak potlood geval gratis patroon uit de vezels Flux. Zoals u kunt zien, a rainbow palette works as stripes for projects that are both big and small!

Haak kussen patroon

Frilly gestreept Haak kussen gratis dekking patroon van lui Hobbyhopper. This pretty pattern is a great striped option and although it’s used to make a pillow case here, I also think that the same striped stitch pattern would work well as a full blanket design.

striped heteluchtballon gratis haakpatroon

Gestreepte hete luchtballon gratis haak opgestikte patroon van haak plek. Meer regenboog stripes.

gestreepte haak kind set

Gestreepte baby instellen patronen beschikbaar in zowel brei- en haak versies. Both types of patterns are for sale from Melody’s Makings. If you can do both crafts, you might want to make one piece in crochet and the other in knit for a unique set.

gestreepte gehaakte muts gratis patroon

Gestreepte gehaakte hoed gratis patroon van String theorie haak. This kind of crochet hat is well-suited to striping in team spirit colors.

gestreepte geleikruik dekt gratis haakpatroon

Gestreepte gelei pot dekking gratis haak patroon. Make anything at all prettier when you wrap it in a colorful, striped crochet cozy. This is a free pattern from Fiber Fluc.

haak golven sjaal patroon

Getextureerde golven sjaal gratis haak patroon van Jessie thuis. The design of this crochet pattern makes the stripes look wavy and appear to be worked in short rows even though they actually aren’t.

Haak cowl patroon

Self-striping kap haakpatroon Koop van vrolijk dingen – gedaan halve verticale strepen en de helft in horizontale strepen voor een twee-in-één blik. What a great yarn used here!

Gehaakte sjaal gratis patroon

Sjaal gratis haak patroon from Simply Collective Crochet, another option for self-striping yarn. Let the yarn do the work of the stripes for you!

striped crochet baby sweater

Classic Striped Baby Pullover Sweater (5 Sizes). This crochet pattern is for sale over in the Crochet Spot pattern store.

strepen en blokken haak sjaal gratis patroon

Strepen en blokken sjaal gratis haak patroon from Tamara of Moogly. This is a unisex crochet scarf pattern designed to be really warm and cozy.

Haak Afghaanse gratis patroon

Waterkristallen Haak Afghaanse gratis patroon van bloemblaadjes aan Picots. Simple stitches, easy color changes and a lovely striping idea combine to make a pretty perfect crochet blanket.


San Francisco gebaseerd en haak-geobsedeerde schrijver, dromer en creatieve geest!

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