It’s always great to keep a list of one-skein crochet patterns that you want to make someday. When you want something to work up quickly for a gift or specific date, you can turn to those one-skein crochet patterns. When you have a single lonely skein leftover from another project or just from a must-have purchase, you can use those crochet patterns to turn it into something fabulous. These one-skein crochet patterns are wonderful choices and can definitely be bookmarked to become something on your own hook one day! You’ll find thirteen crochet patterns below along with links to another 130 één streng haak patronen.

Haak cowl patroon

Squish! Een streng cowl gratis haak patroon Featuring een Split Bullion haak Stitch van Moogly; this is a really unique alternative to the classic bullion stitch, which many people find difficult to do because it requires so many yarn-overs that can be affected by your tension. Moogly’s solution is great and it’s fun to work it within the context of this crochet cowl pattern.

Gehaakte sjaal gratis patroon

This fabulous flirty shawl is a free crochet pattern worked up in a single skein of yarn. It’s open and lacy and can be worn in almost any season to give stylish flair to your personal wardrobe. This one is in a roundup by Simply Collectible (who created the pattern) van 30 free one-skein crochet patterns

gehaakte bekabeld hat pattern

Bekabelde muts gratis gehaakte hoed patroon van alles over Ami – a really rich textured crochet hat that doesn’t require more than one ball of yarn

Haak cowl patroon

Een streng haak cowl patroon te koop van @poetryinyarn; a simple crochet cowl pattern with a great elegant appearance that uses up very little yarn in the making

Haak cowl gratis patroon

Chi-town crochet cowl one skein free pattern van Crochetbird; here’s a similar-but-different single-skein crochet pattern worked with a large K hook and a lot of love. I spotted this one in the round-up of ten one-skein crochet patterns Dan op Chaleur Life.

Gehaakte hoed gratis patroon

One-streng hat gratis haakpatroon van Annaboo van huis; this is only a single-skein crochet pattern if you leave off the pom or work it in the same yarn as the beanie but the hat itself is just one skein and is a great textured crochet hat pattern

Gehaakte hoofdband patroon

One-streng Gehaakte hoofdband patroon van Moogly; a textured headband pattern that makes a bold statement without using up an excessive amount of the yarn that it calls for

Gehaakte sjaal patroon

Jessie created this asymmetrical (or off-kilter) crochet neck wrap using a single skein of yarn. It’s a great option for a statement piece to wrap around your neck, dress up your outfit and keep you warm and cozy.

one skein crochet pattern

Dit Haak wrap gratis patroon from Marie Segares is worked in a single skein of bulky weight yarn. This is a great example of how the right design can really showcase what a single type of yarn is all about. You can’t rely just on color (generally) to make a single-skein crochet project stand out so the motifs and shaping really matter.

een bol haak kinderen sjaal

Kinderen’ crochet patterns are obviously smaller than those for adults and can sometimes make great single-skein crochet projects. Dit sjaal haken kind patroon for sale from Divine Debris on Ravelry is a great example of that. Spotted in a round-up of ten one-skein crochet scarves over at Crochet Cafe.

treble haken vaatdoek

The Treble Dishcloth is a free Ravelry download crochet pattern by AnastaciaKnits that has excellent texture. This makes it a joy to work it up but it’s also a project that provides instant gratification.

single skein crochet coffee cozy

Dish towels are not the only small crochet projects that use up less than a full skein of yarn. Lots of little items can be good one-skein crochet projects, such as this Haak koffie gezellige by The Stitchin’ Mama, which was featured in a roundup of 50 One-Skein Crochet Projects over on Fiber Flux.


Crochet by Kathy offers a crochet pattern set that features six different single-skein crochet patterns! There are two scarfs, three cowls a single-skein crochet collar pattern. This set is also featured in a Craftsy roundup of 10 one-skein crochet projects.

Still need more ideas? Hier zijn 20 more one-skein crochet patterns.


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