I have participated in several of the Gemeenschap kunstprojecten that are done by Art House Co-op (the people who run the big annual Sketchbook Project). Recently they’ve started offering the opportunity to participate in various free projects that are hosted online. One of those was the Enclyclopedia of Work Spaces where a whole bunch of people submitted images of their work spaces. I shared one of my crochet work spaces in my home.

About This Community Art Project

encyclopedia of work spaces

From their sites:

We remember those weighty volumes, spines all aligned on the shelf to complete the set from A-Z. Inside you could learn about people, dingen, and places from all corners of the world. Each entry in the Encyclopedia of Series is collection of images on a given subject. This is a visual encyclopedia of where the world goes to work.

My Work Space

Haak home

See everyone’s work spaces on Flickr of op The Sketchbook Project website.

Do you have an image of your creative work space on your blog or Flickr? Share a link to it in the comments below so I can check it out!


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    • CrochetBlogger Antwoord

      @icrochetinoh merci! I so enjoy doing interesting crochet art things, even though I really only dabble in them!

    • CrochetBlogger Antwoord

      @dlyrs merci! It always makes me smile to see your supportive comments pop up on my blog! Hope you’ve been doing well in this crazy new year

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