BEKIJK ONZE IN HUIS, HAND geverfde garen

I have written a lot about eerlijke handel haak, including highlighting the work of Dezelfde Sky.

Same Sky Jewelry on Halle Berry (one of many celebrities who support the work)

I recently saw a Huffington Post article about this jewelry company that I think highlights what these organizations are all about. I wanted to share a snippet of the article with you here but I’d encourage you to click through to the full article, which was written by Same Sky founder Francie LeFrak.

Everyday Jacqueline’s children see their mother wake up early, make porridge and head to work. They see her come home, happy and satisfied with a good paycheck so that she can buy school uniforms and textbooks and provide food for the family. Not long ago, Jacqueline’s children slept on their mud floors. They felt inferior to others who had mattresses, and didn’t want to attend school. But now that Jacqueline has been able to buy mattresses, her children no longer have these feelings of inferiority and unworthiness that can eventually lead to victimization or community divides.

This is what fair wages for artisans in developing nations is all about.


San Francisco gebaseerd en haak-geobsedeerde schrijver, dromer en creatieve geest!

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