Hi awesome and super patient readersthis is a note to let you know that Crochet Concupiscence will be down for maintenance for a short period of time. This will begin tonight and should run for less than 48 uur.

What’s Going On

As my regular readers know, this blog has had a lot of interruptions in the past few months. Without getting into too much detail or griping here, I’ll say that I’ve had a huge mess with blog hosting.

In principe, I was on one host and the situation there became such that Crochet Concupiscence couldn’t stay on that host. I switched to a new host but my web guy and I had made some misjudgments in choosing that host. Het gebeurt. Helaas, it’s meant that I’ve had to seek out a new host yet again and switching from one to another means there has to be a bit of downtime to get all of the files moved and everything up and running.

Problems Solved

My web guy has done extensive research to help me choose not only the right new web host for a long-term plan but also the right new plan. There were many reasons why I had to switch web hosts (tweemaal) but one of the reasons was a good oneCrochet Concupiscence has just gotten too popular this year! It has grown and I needed to grow my services with it. That’s ultimately a positive thing and I so incredibly appreciate the support you’ve given me this year to help me grow! I expect the new hosting situation to completely resolve everything.

Regular Features Shifted This Week

I am anticipating that Crochet Concupiscence will be in maintenance mode through sometime on Saturday. Als een resultaat, a few things have shifted. The weekly link love post that usually goes live on Saturday morning will be going up whenever the blog is up and running again.

Bovendien, I am delaying posting my daily awesome blogger awards starting with today’s post. It will be going live on Sunday, followed by each of the Friday, Saturday and Sunday awards also going live on Sunday.

Thanks Readers

Thanks again for your patience with these small bumps in the road. We have worked hard to minimize downtime (and I think have been pretty successful) and to keep you aware of what’s been going on.


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