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People often ask me about the best way to carry their projects with them on the go. There are a lot of different options, Natuurlijk, ranging from putting everything in a Ziploc baggie to creating your own felted carrying case for your work. Echter, one of the options that I think a lot of women are seeking is a really stylish bag that is large enough to carry their everyday stuff along with their current WIPs. I think that the stylish bags from Jordana Paige may be the answer.

Jordana Paige Crocheter’s Tote Bag at a Glance

Eerste, let me show you the fun experience of opening mine when it came in the mail:

My cool new bag came inside of a great branded Jordana Paige bag that can totally be recycled into an all-purpose bag around the house.

Ooh, I’m excited. The blue on this bag is exactly what I was hoping for when I picked it!

Let’s look inside. Wow … there are slots for all of my hooks and any needles or scissors I want to bring. There’s a large space for a project in the works. Then there are lots of little pockets for notions, embellishments and my every day stuff like coins and credit cards.

Oh and I shouldn’t forget to tell you that the bag has feet so it can be set down anywhere and not get dirty. Nice detail!

The Rio Bag

This Jordana Paige bag is called the Rio. I chose it because it is large enough to work as a weekend bag or a carry-on bag for a plane but small enough to tote around town as well. I chose it, met andere woorden, because I liked the design, which includes special inside and outside pockets of various sizes, a zippered pocket that can be popped out and circlets designed to prevent yarn from tangling as you work. The website also explains thatthe side drawstrings can be cinched or expanded to grow the tote as your knitting project grows” (or as your crochet project grows in my case). This bag is also available in black and in olive green. It is made from vegan croc leather with nickel hardware.

A Bag for Any Crocheter

Although I chose the Rio, there are many other bags to choose from. If I hadn’t chosen the Rio I probably would have chosen the Bella (which is available in black, bronze and pearl):

Or maybe The Satchel, a pink bag that the seller offers 10% of sales on to breast cancer research. I’m not big on the messenger bag shape in general but for those who are the one that Jordana Paige offers is a cute plaid design:

A Little About Jordana Paige

You can see from the products that this brand is about offering high quality, responsible products that are durable and designer to suit the needs of crafty people who don’t want to sacrifice style for convenience. But who is behind this brand? Jordana Paige is a knitter who launched the company in 2002 op de leeftijd van 18 because she couldn’t find a bag for her WIPs that she wanted to use. She’s taken her time to research textiles and keep her designs up to date. Visit her @JordanaPaige on Twitter and Facebook or as jordana-paige on Ravelry.


Volledige openbaarmaking: I received a Jordana Paige bag free in exchange for my review. My opinion here is 100% waar.


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