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If you are a crocheter who knows who Margaret Wertheim is then it’s probably because you’re familiar with the Hyperbolic Crochet Reef project that she and her sister launched. What you may or may not know is that this is just one project of many that they run through The Institute for Figuring. De IFF onlangs geopend een permanente tentoonstellingsruimte in Los Angeles voor math en wetenschap gerelateerde kunst vertoont die zal omvatten exposities van gedeelten van het hyperbolische haak rif project.

What is The Institute for Figuring?

The IFF is an organization that was founded in 2003 to bring complex scientific and mathematical concepts to the average person through fun exhibits and events. They create large projects, such as The Hyperbolic Crochet Reef Project, which are then shown in galleries around the world.

The IFF’s New Gallery

The IFF has also held their own gallery shows featuring their work. However they have done so previously through pop-up gallery exhibits in different locations. Now they finally have their own permanent exhibit location at 990 N. Hill St. in Los Angeles, Californië (which is right near Dodger Stadium if you’re trying to orient yourself in LA).

Physics on the Fringe Exhibit

The inaugural exhibit at the gallery, which is going on now and runs through mid-October, heet Physics on the Fringe. It is described asan exploration of alternative theories of the universe by geniuses, mavericks and outsiders from the nineteenth century to today”. It looks at the theories of the universe that oppose mainstream theories like those from Einstein.

There are three project rooms featured in this main exhibit. In the third room there is an exhibit called Pod Worlds, an extension of the original hyperbolic crochet exhibit that is described as avisionary suite of tiny, hyperbolic crochet landscapes”. The exhibit itself is an extension, of sorts, of Margaret Wertheim’s book also called Physics on the Fringe.


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