For today’s open discussion, I want to get your opinions on yarn. What yarn is your favorite? What yarn can’t you stand? Do you prefer natural animal fibers (like merino wool), natural plant fibers (like bamboo) or synthetic acrylic yarns? Do you love novelty yarns or think they’re ridiculous?

There’s no judgment herewhatever yarn you love or hate is fineI just want to know your thoughts!


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  1. undergroundcrafter Antwoord

    I’ve had a conversion in the last 2 jaar, where I’ve tried to switch over to natural fibers as much as possible. This isn’t because I hate acrylic or anything like that – eigenlijk, I’m a big fan of Red Heart Super Saver. It is more because of a general shift in my life towards trying to minimize myfootprint.I find novelty yarns hard to crochet with, but I did got through a novelty yarn phase circa 2002-2005 where I was making some pretty funky scarves with multiple strands of different yarns. Deze dagen, I tend to use mostly straight yarns and let my stitches do the funky stuff.

    • CrochetBlogger Antwoord

      @undergroundcrafter As with any switch to a more natural and simple way of life, there are some tough things to consider when you make the switch to natural fibers. Bijvoorbeeld, many people love bamboo yarn because it is from a sustainable source but as several people have pointed out (most recently FreshStitches in her first podcast) this yarn is often processed with chemicals that make it not so great for the earth. Likewise it’s tough to know if the animals are being treated right when you’re getting wool and other animal fibers. I still think it’s worth making the kind of switch you’ve madejust pointing that out.

      I also love what you’ve said about letting your stitches make the neat designs instead of relying on the yarn to do it. I think that’s a great way to think of simpler straight yarns.

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